Behen Bhai In A Desi Family – Raksha Bandhan Special – Amit Bhadana

Take your 50 rupees and stop being a cry baby. You had borrowed it two years back and three years prior to that, 100 rupees. When are you going to return that. Oh! You are excelling in accounts now. Tattletale! Here are your 100 rupees. Enjoy! You beggars! Who stole my vowed 100 rupees from the temple. Where did this thief go making me the scapegoat? Brother! Listen Can you please drop me at tuition? Bike is running low on fuel and sometimes use your feet as well. Yes! I am coming. And what were you saying? My brother roams a lot in your back alley. The same alley where Ritu ma’am also lives? Okay! Tank is completely filled. Come. I’ll drop you wherever you wish. I’ll even take you to the ends of the world. Hurry! Hurry! In fact, sweets will be my treat on the way. But Ritu ma’am thing shouldn’t reach papa. Empty pockets, busted rockets. You need party from morning till evening, all the time. What is stinking here? As if a grasshopper has died Oh! So, my beloved sister has cooked today. So, what was I saying? You want party, right? Come to my place. Brother! How is the food? Yummy! What he means is mouthwatering You have made it so tasty, I mean, you cook so well That it is awful. I mean awesome. You! Mind your own business. Brother, you say, How is the food? Want another party? Mom! Buy me a scooty. You want to kill people on the road? He also has got a bike. I got bike in college. Before that I used to travel by bus. When bus used to move at curves I bathed with other people’s sweat. Finding all the excuses in the world. I wake up in the morning, wash and feed buffallo And all you do is go to school, eat and sleep. When mom falls ill, I do all the household chores You don’t bath for days, have hair full of lice. Mom! What I suggest is to sell this old rugged scooter and then we will buy a brand new car to go everywhere. And mom! Buy me a new phone. I got a phone in first year and she has these demands in 11th class only. She is spoiled, I am telling you. Shut up! You dumbhead. You keep quiet. Tattletale! Quiet! Your father travels by scooter and you want a ferrari for yourself! I will stab both of you. Whenever my friend comes, you are very frequent to my room. Behave! That friend of yours? Who looks like a grindstone? You think I will come for her? Leave my side, you navie person. Just after 30 seconds. Girl-friend! No-Ball followed by wide Amit Bhadana this side! Here comes this shameless Brother! Are you going by bike? Here take 10 rupees. Refuel your bike. Poor fellow! Never has money. The only respect he gets at home is slippers from papa It must hurt him. And belt from mom all the time. Now he won’t come again. You girl! Why did you start a fight with the neighbour girl? Papa she was mocking me and said, you study in government school and you are desi. I also caught her by hair, beat her and showed the real desi in me. Papa leave my neck, it hurts. And you! When these two girls were fighting, instead of stopping them you beat the other girl’s brother. Papa! You tell me, it was my sister’s fight how could I get in between girls’ fight? I saw her brother from the distance and I caught him by his neck and slammed him to the ground. And showed my desi version. So, both of you are becoming Brock Lesnar. But papa you also beat their dad last holi. Wake up!! Arghhh! Ghost! How many times have I told you not come in without make up! Jokes aside. Somebody has got my number and is troubling me by calling again and again. Hello! Hello. Who’s it? Inspector Birpal and within minutes I will beat the hell out of you. Sorry sir Wrong number. Thank you, brother. Hushhhh! You stink. Never bathes. Mom! You should once in a while at least give me pocket money a thousand rupees or two. You have made look like a poor person. Irrespective of how he behaves but still he is my brother. Last night I got a severe beating from dad with his slippers As I returned late from Vikas’s Birthday party Sister woke everybody up. She’s my doom disguised my sister. You also get her caught. How dare you speak against my sister? You were speaking against her so I thought to pass on the idea. Oh! Maybe then I should make you the village head as well! How dare you speak against my sister? Liar solider will make a good politician. Get Lost! Hey you! Don’t dare speak against my brother otherwise I will break your teeth. He is not any stranger, he is my brother. Now cut the call! C’mon Mom! It is my birthday today. At least buy me a pair of shalwaar suit Happy Birthday, Sister. Brother, you are going downstairs. Please switch off the motor. Who said I am going anywhere. See I sat here only. Now make some use of your feet and switch off the motor. I switched it off in the morning only. Listen! I am going to ask papa to take away your phone by falsely telling him That you use your phone perpetually whole night. Brother don’t worry I will switch off the motor and will even make a lemonade for you. But no jokes about the phone. Please! Who made this mess in the room? Aakasnha did. Who spilt the tea in the kitchen? Brother did. And the bathroom? Aakansha. And TV? Brother. Who emptied all the bottles from the fridge? Don’t name me. You also don’t name me. Lets make papa scapegoat? Papa did! This year let her tie rakhi while she’s still here. Next year she will have to come from her in-laws. She has passed 12th class now. Next year we will marry her and fulfil our duties. Someone ask her as well What she wants to do. She is only 19 and you want to marry her? Is she even mature enough to handle the responsibility of marriage? In rest of the world, girls are winning medals becoming doctors IAS and IPS And you people are getting hysterical. Marriage is not everything There is more to life than marriage which includes child’s success. whether the child is boy or a girl. I am not going to say anything marry her. We are a middle class family when we will be asked to give dowry which we won’t be able to afford and when we won’t be able to afford the dowry, she will get married but her in-laws will mistreat her and then she will curse you from there and you will never be able to look into her eyes again. It is better to make let her be successful suitors will come knocking our door. Thank you, brother. Ok child, you like singing? From tomorrow your singing classes will commence. Love you, brother. Shushhhh! You stink You don’t even bath. You are my pride. You have all my yearning Oh my sister For your happiness I will sacrifice myself a 100 times.

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