Barr addresses Rudy Giuliani’s work in Ukraine

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  1. If I were the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Trump wanted me to meet with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to discuss "foreign policy", I'd just say no and if Trump wanted to discuss foreign policy, he should either speak to me directly or go through proper diplomatic channels (such as the Ambassadors or Secretary of State).

    Giuliani is now a private citizen and Trump's private lawyer. He has no business discussing foreign policy at an official capacity.

  2. The DOJ needs to get with Glen Beck. He's got documented evidence of the whole thing, including the timeline of everything.

  3. now all the sudden we have to be careful with Ukraine information ??? I think Bill Barr should be arrested for sending Giuliani to Ukraine on DRUMPF behalf …..Bill Barr works for the AMERICAN PEOPLE not for DRUMPF LOCK THEM UP ..BARR DRUMPF AND GIULIANI

  4. Mr. Fred Flintstones Barr chasing after a man and his son because he is told to do so by the one who is the "MOST GUILTY" of them all. J. Edgar Hoover who have some serious words for you. How could you take an "oath" and do what you doing??? This is the great USA not some small country. This greed, and deception is not good at all because globally they are watching and laughing at us all.

  5. It’s time we set up re-education centres for anyone who speaks out against our leader and his party. Arrest them all and enforce their re-education until they see things our way.

  6. 1. Trump is not a fiscal conservative. 2. He gave his kids high paying jobs in the white house. 3. Trump is beholding to the NRA ,allowing assault weapon sales for a "safer" America. If you cant protect yourself with a shotgun, hand gun or single shot rifle then you need to find a better neighborhood to live in or get an alarm system. 4. Trump doesnt believe his own justice system . Items two through five should be enough to remove him.

  7. If the DOJ door is always open, why have Ukrainian officials been denied visas to come to the US to testify and give evidence about what's been going on in Ukraine? This stinks.

  8. Any western politician who benifits financially from any Post Soviet Union corrupt enterprise actually share with oligarhs of that world the money stollen from working people of postkommunist coutries. And people overthere are not dum, easy to gues how they feel about us in the land of plenty. Bidens afairs are not just corrupt , they are treasenous to America!!!

  9. Lmfao evan fox news admits it spreads disinformation no wonder it has all these low iQ followers and hosts that push conspiracy theories

  10. Golly Barr, do you think that we still trust our "intelligence community"???? Nope. Don't think it's a good idea to filter ANYTHING through your den of thugs.

  11. Sounds like he’s not going to do anything to me. You can’t trust any of these political appointees nor any of the supposed law enforcement officials. Why are they not in Ukraine themselves if they don’t trust Rudy to be smart enough to gather evidence?

  12. Rudy’s boy Andrew is mentally handicapped and was given a fake job in the White House just shaking hands and smiling at people .
    So jealous of Hunter , a very smart , well educated man who made some good capitalist moves .

  13. Hay Barr you can take what Joe Biden said to the Ukrainian government at face value, Joe Biden told them you are not going to get a billion dollars if you don't stop coming after my son. And that Mr Barr is a crime big time.

  14. So much for "getting done with impeachment so we can get back to doing some real work like health care and infrastructure"….

  15. The Swamp Protects the Swamp.

    You want justice? Put Rudy Giuliani in Barr’s job, and you’ll get EQUAL Justice under the law!

  16. Doing what CIA operatives do best in the words of Mike Pompeo. Trained to lie and deceive. I wonder if he will live long enough to defend the third corrupt Republican president of his career? Both parties are beyond corrupt and the only difference is the color of their stripes.

  17. Isn't it interesting that the only corruption being investigated in Ukraine just happens to be the Bidens. As if there's no other corruption in Ukraine.
    How convenient.

  18. Wish someone would ask Bill Barr when he is going to prosecute a Democrat or is he still afraid Hillary Clinton will rub him out, she is the most guilty person in American and Bill Barr won't touch a Hillary Clinton prosecution with a ten foot pole. The Clinton crime family has made a mockery of our laws, the laws governing Charities and the way they handled the disaster fund setup for Haiti that millions of Americans gave them Billions of dollars and the Clintons basically stole money from Americans who thought they were helping the People in Haiti and then she did her pay for play side hustle with the Russians and she was given $145 Million dollars and nobody in the Obama administration even seemed to notice, the MSM sure as hell didn't ask her anything about that Uranium One deal, Bill Barr needs to show America that he can prosecute someone, Rudy Giuliani sat down with Viktor Shokin how much closer to the source of the actions of the Ukraine can a person get at the time Joe Biden was running his side hustle on the Ukrainians? William Barr needs to put these criminal Democrats in jail, we just watched a coup attempt on national TV conducted by Adam Schiff and has Bill Barr investigated the Schiff Complaint yet? Has anyone addressed the possibility that Schiff wrote the complaint himself, what do the American people have to do to get a Democrat thrown in jail in this country, go out and run a citizens arrest on these basturds?

  19. Why hasn’t Barr lost his law license? I thought he was suppose to be the AJ for America not Trump’s fixer ? And if he does lose his law license can he remain as AJ ? He has shut down 6 investigations into Trump and is involved in the cover up .

  20. Nobody has more AGENDAS than youMr. AG BARR, trump Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham (actually heard Lindsey was over in Ukraine with Rudy in I do believe. It was December! Right old man? So just exactly what are you cooking up now? Nothing good! Hope you understand we don.t trust officials that serve only the crooks and rule benders!

  21. Everywhere Joe Biden went with American aid the Biden family manage to get lucrative deals and jobs. This would make the Democrats and Biden's the biggest crime family in American history. No wonder they're scared Trump will expose them.

  22. Who is the better speaker – LAIR Barr or trump? It doesn't matter both are trash breaking the law daily. REMOVE THE TRASH IN NOV. 2020

  23. No “The Ukraine” since January 22, 1918 when Ukrainian Nation declared independence from the Moscow Empire. Even the commies never said “the Ukraine,” only grads of elite colleges use this long outdated, disrespectful term. They still want the thug Romanovs to return to the Kremlin throne to rule over an obsolete Empire. “Rossiya” and the ugly “Russian” language are artificial and Fake and shouldn’t be propped up by taxpayer funded employees like Barr and Lindsey Graham.


  25. Rat Republicans are doing the exact same thing dumpster trump was impeached for, but now it's okay because they are doing the fake skam investigation

  26. When Obama and Clintons start squirming then you'll know they're feeling the pressure. But they still trap around pretty confidently, so my judgement is they still feel assured no one can touch them.

  27. translation; If information comes out implicating any Statist and that might show the corruption that runs rampant throughout the American Federal Government we will bury said information as quickly as we can. I smell a cover up coming rapidly down the tracks.

  28. Nothing will happen to Biden. He’s protected by Clinton. How is it we can’t trust what Ukraine says but we can give them millions of dollars? I’ll lie all you want all my with my PayPal if that’s the case.

  29. Bill Barr should be investigating Joe Biden.  WHY IS HE PUTTING IT ON THE BACKBURNER?  He states the questionable credibility of the Ukrainians involved, but that doesn't matter.  Joe Biden openly admitted to bribing a country on national TV.  Besides it is of the highest importance because Democrats had turned this corruption into grounds for an impeachment.

  30. Rudy knows what evidence is and how to present to authorities, Rudy has documented evidence of wrongdoing by bidens and other members of democratic leftist national socialist party

  31. That's William Barr setting the stage for no crimes committed by the Bidens or any other Obama criminal scum bags. This guy is as pathetic as the rest of them. Do any of these inept dirt bags honor their oath to the constitution, the country and justice for all? Apparently not.

  32. Barr is a total scumbag. Willing to break, bend or distort the law for a criminal president . Barr should go to Prison just like trump is after his presidency.

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