Baja California 🇲🇽 Locals, Soldiers, Police & Road Hazards [Episode 2]

What’s not to love about views like this
right out your front door?…. Good Morning guys from Bahía de los Ángeles on Baja
California, Mexico…. The see of Cortez side!… I hope you’re
having a great day! Well, we’re… This is the second day of
our journey here on Baja and… We’re making a big push!
So the previous video was San Diego to here… Today, we’re not getting quite a
certainly of a start… But we still have the goal of getting down the Peninsula
to heck… To uncharted lands for us that we haven’t been to before and… Also
there’s kind of that peace of mind of… Just get to the bottom to some degree
and then you can pace yourself back up! Well, that pretty much met all of our
expectations that we had for staying out at Playa la Gringa… One thing that we
realized on this trip is that; When we came here with Nellie a few years ago… We
didn’t really have the confidence that we have now for going down dirt roads
and off-the-beaten-path so much… And seeing the road today
and last night, we realized you could easily go down there with two-wheel
drive vehicle… Nellie could have made it down there! We
met people down there with 5th wheels and travel trailers so… It’s not a place
to be deterred if you don’t have four-wheel drive! A little bit of ground
clearance will go long ways!… In our video series of this journey down Baja…
We would like to… I don’t know, it… I’ll call it to educate and entertain! So we’re
going to be incorporating talking points into every video… So it’s not just going
to be the truck stuff, the scenery stuff… It’s going to be little tidbits of
information that will help you on your own journey! Today, we are going to talk
about eliminating your fears! Being shaken down by a cop or the military
checkpoints… Yeah, it can be a little intimidating but once you get down here…
You do realize it’s not all that big of a deal!… One of the things we really enjoy
about Bahía de los Ángeles is it is a quieter destination! You know, like you
can really come here and relax! And I think for us part of that is being able
to disconnect from the cellphones… That takes you to a whole new level of
relaxation! Once you get past your first night of like checking the phone
twenty-nine times! But just because it’s quiet… It doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do
here… Like you can go sportfishing… You come at the right time of year, you can
see the whale sharks… The Baja 1000 racers come through here… There’s an
amazing swimming pool here in town at one of the hotels where you can stay for
the day… Enjoy beverages from their bar… They play
good music… Hang out in the hammocks… It’s wonderful! So… There’s plenty to do here
even though it’s on the quieter side! Before we get back on the road, we’d like
to visit with our friends Anna and Mencia of the Little Mercado and Mariscos Bahia De Los Angeles, a little market and restaurant here… We met… Gosh!
2017 when we were down here at our Motorhome and kept in touch through
social media and Facebook and all that! But it’s just great being able to… Hook
back up with people that you see in your travels and… One main common thing that
Mencia and I have in common is fishing! And last time we had some fish in our
freezer… Well, this year we sent pops and we came up and source in Alaska home to
San Diego with some fish… So we brought him about 4 five packets of Sockeye Salmon! It’s great seeing you guys! We’re gonna grab some
breakfast before we hit the road!… Anna and Mancia are nice enough to get
something going here!… Well, if you’re out of a beer or one of my favorites… If you
need ice cream, you can find it here!… You can also get local cream scallops…
I love these little Mercados! You can… May not find exactly what you want
but I guarantee you can find what you need! They have a hardware section…
Continues on over here… Plumbing parts… Not just a Mercado… Microwave! Like a
miniature little Walmart all-in-one! Alcohol behind the counter… And… They prepare food as well! Chorizo is very good!…. Corn flour… Please… Yes! Taking advantage of the Wi-Fi?… Yeah! Yeah, there is no cell phone service here… So WIFI is necessary to make
connections!… It is and I’m just making sure everybody knows that we made it
safely! And then I was checking our social media… People are asking some
questions I need to answer!… Breakfast is served!
Chorizo! And then we got a chihuahua down there… And then salsa is Caliente
muy Caliente… Oh, I see your food motivated!… Aha! Chorizo, it’s like a Mexican sausage and
then you cook it with eggs… Definitely one of our favorites!… Okay… Amigos! We’re making it a short stay and Bahía de Los Ángeles but we hope to come back here on our way back north… We’re
expecting to see some military checkpoints today… So when we find one, we will see you there! Watch out for these speed bumps guys!
They mean business! Well, that was our first military checkpoint of the journey and… I guess it’s a good time to talk about it a little bit!
They’re nothing to be afraid of!… It’s bumpy! I thank God for the gimbal!
Actually, yes!… How many miles are we at? Three twelve and a half!… Three twelve and a half?… Okay, that little trip to Bay of LA taxed about eighty miles of our fuel and we
have two tanks! Normally, we do all the running on this tank but we’re maybe
thirty miles or so from Guerrero Negro… And it’s not worth running out of fuel
if… You have air in the lines it’s just… You have two tanks so use them!… And now we
wait for about three-four minutes to make sure that the switch to the other
tank went well because… We’re stopped… We’re here and if it’s gonna have like
an air issue in the lines… I would rather be pulled off the road! So yes, these
military checkpoints are nothing to be afraid of! We literally just did that
fuel tank switch right there just after it! And now… Back on the road behind a
semi! What you need to realize about those checkpoints is they are there for
all of our safety! They are not there to you know, harass you by any means! There
are actually signs on the checkpoints there saying these folks should be
showing you respect! And likewise, you should be very respectful of them!
Because they’re just young men and they have a job to do! They’re looking for
narcotics and guns and more so on the northbound, that is definitely for sure!
Because traffic obviously I say… It heads towards the United States with a lot of
those products! We’ve even heard of some folks who have cold drinks for the young
men and… They like to give out their stickers and
snacks so… Just answer their questions… You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish… A
lot can be done with hand gestures… They may want to take a peek around your rig…
Let them! We’ve never had any problems with them… The funniest experience we had
was ahh… One guy, this was back when we had that giant motorhome, he came in and he
went into the bedroom of our Motorhome… And proceeded to call his wife for about
five minutes because he could not be on the phone while at the checkpoint! I guess we made it… Oh goodness! I’m not
getting guys… Mind those speed bumps! Those folks are on a real journey! And
they even had their little dog in tow as well… The military checkpoints are not the
only times you’ll be stopped along this road!… There are also agricultural
checkpoints here… I didn’t see that!… I know!… Yeah… We are entering Baja California Sur.
There are two states here and they have a station up here… Well, we’re not
always too fond of it… But its purpose is to control invasive species! So they
spray the undercarriage of your vehicle with pesticides when you’re heading
south!… Oh, look at the nest up there on the the right guys… It’s huge!… Yeah, a lot of wildlife
here on Baja… There it is! We’re officially in Baja Sur… One of the
interesting parts about this particular stop is that they ask you for a donation
to contribute to their efforts! I’m not gonna lie, we kind of have mixed feelings about
that! It does offer jobs to local people but at the same time, you’re promoting
them spraying pesticides all over your car so… But it is in a good effort… The
intentions are good! To stop invasive species because we live in a very global
world! Put that window up!… Our fan is on
recirculate… I’m not saying you got to drive like a race car but just get over it and get
through it… Move on and maybe don’t put your windows down for a few minutes!
Another bird’s nest and little speed bumps… Oh, I love Baja!… We are now
approaching the town of Guerrero Negro! This is a pretty cool location because
of what you could do here! There are whales… Gray whales that give birth to
their calves and three lagoons on the Pacific side of Baja!… And this is the
northernmost Lagoon it’s also called Laguna Ojo de Liebre or Scammon’s Lagoon!
We’ve stopped here before… We may stop on on our way back… But we’re not gonna stop
now, I hope you like that little footage I put of it! But we are going to get fuel
here! This town is a nice little resource as well because you can dump and fill
your tanks… We have stayed in an RV park here and… You can also hit the grocery
store and fill the fridge!… And every meal we’ve had here over the years has been
very good as well! One of the really nice things about
stopping for fuel in Mexico is that it is full service! So they pump the gas for
you and they’ll clean your windows!… Well here’s an organic teaching point of the
day… And I suppose we should probably make sure that we check… But their card
reader was not working so we had to tap into… 2234 pesos of our cash that we had
on hand! Which it’s not the end of the world because there’s a bank up here but
still… You want to make sure to carry cash because stuff like that can
happen!… And there’s the bank!… Perfect parking spot right there honey… I agree! Good job!… Thank you! It’s even straight!…
Mission accomplished and thankfully ATMs have an English button so it’s easy for
you to comprehend your transaction! Now it’s time to get back on the road and
continue our push South!… You can’t pass up… I don’t know how much it weighs but
it is a giant bag of oranges for 100 pesos or give or take somewhere around
five bucks! Well, now is a good time to chat about
corrupt police officers trying to squeeze a bribe out of you! You know in
the modern-day of 2020, it really doesn’t happen too much anymore on Baja! That’s
where I can speak to… But in my early day… You know, kind of the late 90s early
2000s… Very much so! You would get squeezed and the technique was… Oh, no
receipt or receipt?… Well no receipt means he wants you to just resolve it on
the scene… And receipt implies we go to the station… And that is a technique that
can be quite intimidating to some folks! So you’re faced with this personal
dilemma… But they have really frowned upon it in the modern world… Do you just…
You know, kind of fuel the situation by giving in to the bribe requests or… Do
you hold your ground and help the greater cause of saying; No this is not
right! If… But if you did legitimately break the law you know… Okay, go to the
police station, correct the situation! I’m just gonna put that out there! Oh, this is
the perfect opportunity! A local cop! But those are good people! They are there to
keep all of us safe! What timing?… So if you find yourself in
this predicament, our friend Mark gave us this piece of paper… I truthfully do not
know exactly what it says yet! But it is essentially a document from an official
in the Mexican government… Saying that this behavior is not good and the person
you are meeting is willing to work with you to properly resolve the situation at
hand!… And to help you guys out, we’re gonna put a copy of this document on our
website… and the link will be in the video description
below! Okay, this is our second military Okay, don’t be spooked! He just wants to take a peek inside! Gracious!… That flew out of ahh… That pocket knife flew out where we got that speed bump… Oh, wow! Yeah… Well, did you survive?… I did! He did a good thorough
inspection and we actually kind of had a conversation in there just chatting
away about the travel!… They are just good people doing their job!… We have made it
to our final destination for the evening… San Ignacio! This is a little town that
is kind of on the spine of Baja… Definitely more in the mountains not
down by the water… Uhhmm but it’s about 3:30… So we’re doing a great job of getting
off the road at a reasonable hour… We’re gonna grab a bite to eat and find a
place to stay! They’re closed for the evening but if you come through this
town during the day, you can stop here for an amazing taco lunch! This is an awesome little oasis!
We need inflatable kayaks honey! Or one two-seater… Well, this is our first
time coming down into the center… Oh those speed bumps… Oh, goodness! They are just
hidden! They are not painted, guys!… Hmm What a great point to prove in this
video!… Yeah, so this is our first time coming down into San Ignacio… Oh, look at this little square… This is awesome! This
will work! I guarantee we’ll find something here!… A church guys… This is so cute! Like you would never
know this exists from the highway! It just looks like there’s a mercado and
those little restaurants up there… And then there’s this amazing square when
you get down here! I’m totally impressed!… Oh, wow!… We make it with our local hands… I think we
can pick up some dessert!… What do you recommend? What’s your favorite?… I have the olive with dates this is very good!… Yeah!… And this is a pie and
cheese… Oh, the decisions… Dessert before dinner! Oh, oh it’s Margharita time… Get the Kleenex!….
Somebody starts crying from happiness when she drinks margaritas in Baja! Nothing says Baja food like fish tacos! This looks relaxing and peaceful!… That’s camping?… Yeah…
How much? It’s 180… 180? This is the view from our campsite
tonight… We’ve always wanted to stay on this little view! It’s very inviting, it’s so
peaceful! It’s nice and cool tonight to! Well, the camp is set up! Awesome little place!
This video is a wrap! Thanks for riding along with us today…
We’re gonna be picking this camera up tomorrow and bringing you guys along!
Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button and we will see you on the road!

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  1. Hi guys, thanks for showing a little part of my Mexico. You are really practicing social distance. Que dios los proteja. May God bless you.

  2. I think someone needs to get the trouble and strife to give them an haircut! Changing tanks manually, even back in the 70's our vehicles with twin tanks had a switch on the dashboard to change tanks and could be done at 60 MPH. Back then, pre EU some countries charged duty on fuel brought into the country so one showed them the near empty tank to dip and hoped the full one wasn't spotted, easier on a bus than a truck. Could be a lot of cash with 50 Imp. gal. tanks

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