Baby Monkey Lu Is Excited To Work With Her Mom

Hello everyone Today, Mom is at work, Lu is excited to be with her Lu play, areca tree for work mother Mother weeding Lu in the hat is very cute Mother and Lu eat snacks, Lu likes to eat with her mother This is a butter tree this season is flowering, areca tree, outside is the rice field In addition to junk food mother prepared for Lu milk Lu into the conical hat, the mother’s to drink milk is very lovely Lu loves his milk Thank you so much for watching the video Wishing everyone a happy and happy weekend

17 Replies to “Baby Monkey Lu Is Excited To Work With Her Mom”

  1. Me gusta ver los videos de Lu porq su mama lo cuida tanto lo mima lo quiere y le esta enseñando la naturaleza no quiso estar en el arbol por lo mimado q lo tiene

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