Attraction Marketing Examples | How to Create Valuable Content Online

Attraction Marketing Examples | How to Create Valuable Content Online what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
back once again back with majestic travel and in today’s video I want to
talk about the concepts of attraction marketing so someone left a comment on
our videos asking what is valuable content and today we’re going to talk
about that we’ll be right back all right welcome back welcome back so
in this video we’re gonna talk about attraction marketing and what else
valuable content what is valuable content when it relates to attraction
marketing so lot of y’all know we are in the travel business and we do a lot of
content marketing in the form of YouTube videos like I’m doing right now so
valuable content guys that is something that you want to focus on okay now what
is valuable content valuable content is anything in the form of a video blog
posts facebook posts any type of content that you can deliver that your audience
finds value okay where they find value from so your job as a marketer or
influencer you want to provide valuable content to your niche in our case our
niche is travel people looking to get into the travel industry looking to book
in the travel industry things of that nature so our job as marketers and
content creators is to provide valuable content that solves their problems okay
so that’s what you want to focus on building a brand through means of
valuable content now you also have to figure out which platform do you want to
provide content on you want do it on Facebook want to inform of blogging what
do you want to do YouTube videos me personally I recommend YouTube videos
the reason why because YouTube videos builds rapport actually people get to
see you get to know feel you like trust you and pretty much a lot of people want
to do business with you because they see you’re a real person so videos is the
way of the future that’s not going anywhere it’s getting even more more and
more as a need when it comes to people searching for certain things
line so think about this for a moment let’s say you have people searching for
things related to trifle okay if you type in how to become a travel agent or
how to book travel whatever the case may be anything related to that niche that
audience the people looking for nine times out of ten they’re gonna find us
okay so and this is due to bidding a brand of valuable content in the form of
videos so I recommend building a brand okay this is why it’s called traction
marketing so whenever you have a slew of valuable content online you’re going to
attract the perfect prospects and clients to you people who will be
engaged from your content okay and is you’re not going out chasing people or
convincing people you actually you just putting out valuable content educating
people and their returns people join your business people book trips with you
this works in any niche I’m just saying travel is ours so I’m
just giving you an example of this particular niche book traction marketing
works in any niche so if you want to get into real estate hey give valuable
content catering to people is looking to get into real estate or buy real estate
your valuable content become authority figure in your niche so I hope that
answered your question a person was asking what is valuable
content anything in the form of a video blog posts facebook posts everything
that you can provide value to your audience or should I say your niche
recommend it for i before i go i recommend video highly highly medium for
providing valuable content very very efficient and you can duplicate yourself
over and over again and guess what videos work 24/7 okay and the reasons
why I like doing video because it’s a search engine YouTube is a search engine
videos ranking YouTube videos ranking google search traffic is always the best
traffic meaning if people are typing in whatever
your video is about for example let’s say you got a video in front of people
typing in how to become a travel agent how to book a trip to Cancun let’s say
you did a video catering to that niche to solve those problems see you want to
be the in search you want to be the person to end the search so let’s say
you got people searching for how to book a trip in Cancun they search it they hit
enter you pop up you just entered their search you provided value to them and
solve their problem ok so guys hope I’m making sense
so guys utilize attraction marketing when you starting a business any type of
business even if it’s travel build a brand online catering to your niche and
provide value now it’s gonna take a while to get content out there and get
it seen keep putting it out there it’s not a fast way to attract leads and
clients to you but long term if you keep pumping out content you begin to build
the authority in the marketplace and people get to know like and trust you
and do business with you so guys utilize these social media platforms and begin
engaging and providing valuable content ok so i’m larry porter with majestic
travel and i hope I answered your question so like I always say if anybody
you know it’s looking to get into the travel industry feel free to watch that
presentation by clicking the link below to learn more how you can be a travel
agent and give it to this amazing 8 trillion dollar industry but I’m Larry
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  1. Like any business, you want to build a brand online in order to attract the perfect prospects to you.

  2. You don't worry about providing too much information? Like providing them with enough information that they don't need you?

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