Attention all JoJo fans: Giorno Giovanna needs your help!

Attention all [JoJo] fans! Giorno Giovanna needs your help to become a true Gang-Star, he wants you to join his gang! But before you can join you need to get yourself some「S T A N D」power. Don’t be frightened. Getting a「S T A N D」 these days? M U D A It’s not hard! All you need to do is provide Giorno your credit card number, the three digits on the back and the expiration month and year. But! Be quick or [D I A V O L O] might just win this one.

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  1. Me: Wow! Giorno needs MY help!?!?
    I’ll send him the money right away .
    obtains Stando powah and somehow lives to part six only to have stand stolen by Whitesnake

    The jojo narrator: Realizing that he would be reverting back to his hopeless life he lost the will to live…

  2. With the speed and precision of Star Platinum, i can extract this credit card with the accuracy of a surgeon…

  3. Jojo needs your help to get requiem! Just put you credit card number, your house number, and your Crunchyroll account to save him!

    Mama: Why what happened?
    Me: Because Giorgio Giovanna has a dream..!

  5. When you type in that credit card information and you feel skeptical, just remember that you paid for a kid's dream to be a marine biologist

    Because he had a dolphin fetish

  6. 5639 6425 3769 0063
    приват банк приймаєте?
    сподіваюсь Джорно переможе

  7. I have never in my life seen a like/dislike ratio so high. If my basic math skills are correct, that’s only 0.5% or 0.005 dislikes for every single like. Ora!

  8. Why do people even find this funny?This is just pathetic.Desperately wanting money while trying to speak to the jjba community.What a douchebag

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