Answering Your Questions! Our Bachelor / Bachelorette Experience

– [JoJo] Do we spill the beans today? About how this whole thing has just been totally orchestrated and? – [Jordan] We’re getting paid
to be together, it’s all fake. – This whole thing,
should we tell them today? (dramatic music) – Hey guys, so today is
the day we’re gonna answer all your questions about The
Bachelor, The Bachelorette, how to get on, the behind the scenes. Whatever you really wanna
know, we’re gonna answer it. – You’re gonna learn today.
– Today. – You might not be ready for
it but you’re gonna learn. – The new season of The Bachelor is on, it’s back.
– It’s on! – America’s Bachelor is Colton Underwood. – I think he’s kissed a lot of girls. I’ve been seeing it in here.
– Well, that’s the only thing he’s done (laughs). Okay, I’m done. – Ba-dum-tss. – Do we think Colton is a virgin? I mean here’s my thought, you would like to like you would believe no way that’s possible. But my theory is, if he wasn’t, that had to have come out by now. – Yeah but like, I feel like virgin is on such like a gray scale. – What?
– yeah, I mean like, but do we call him a virgin? I don’t know. – Oh my gosh, so you don’t think, – First place–
– So you don’t think he is? – Like no second base, or
maybe like he stole second base and you were just hanging
out there for a little while, but he did definitely didn’t
go to third, I don’t know. – Well, no, first, second and
third base is not having sex. – What’s second base? – This? – Okay, what’s third base? – I don’t know, anyways. I guess he’s a virgin, I guess. – I got my doubts.
– I’ve heard some rumors, but. – Oh, bombshell!
– But like I said, if it was true, I feel
like people would know about it by now, so.
– But there’s always rumors out there, we know that. – So that is true, so I’m
not gonna believe the rumors and I’m gonna trust Colton. Yep.
– How noble of you. – How noble, it’s the right thing to do. – Is it like for the right reasons? – No, for the right reasons,
I see what you did there. You all probably did see
me, I hope you saw me on the first episode.
– I did. – We did a live sort of
Bachelor viewing party and I hosted that with Kaitlyn
– Crushed it! – We kinda took a step
back from The Bachelor and the whole franchise censored season but like being back there and being around all of like the fans. You guys have a lot of
questions about the show and we have a little bit of experience. – We got a lot of experience. – So we’re gonna go through
the questions and umm. – See if we can help you out. – Just yeah, and to be honest– – See if we can fall in love on TV. – Yes, ’cause it’s so possible. I hate you, okay. – (mumbles) Know your passcode. – Alright, come on. –
Questions, here we go. – We got the questions – This was fun the last time we did this. – So we’re gonna, we’re gonna
go through these kinda quick straight to point. Um, so you guys can get
what you’re asking for. Melissa. – Melissa XO What were your
lives like before the show? How did you apply? What was the application process like? And why did you choose to go on? I think we have very different stories. – For me, I was recently just
gotten out of a relationship so I was like, I think, two months single. I was actually super fresh. We have a friend of the family who is actually a producer for the show. And he had reached out and just said “Hey we’re coming to Dallas
for a casting, are you single? Do you want to do it?” My family members and my
girlfriends, they’re all like, “You gotta do it. You just gotta do it” Cause I think they wanted
me to kind of totally move on from that last relationship. – Leave that dude in the dust. – And so they though “GO!” Right. So I went. I went to the casting call. You sit in this room full
of hundreds of girls, I mean, my gosh. I almost walked out and
left. (laughs lightly) But I sat- – Good thing you didn’t – Yeah I know, isn’t that crazy – We wouldn’t, we
wouldn’t be sitting here. – Um so I sat in line and
I went to the first girl. They interview you and if you get a packet after that first initial
interview, that’s a good sign. So then you go through a couple of rounds and um then I ended up on the show. – And why did you choose to go on? – I used to say “Oh my gosh
look how in love they look! I want something like
that. It’s a fairytale.” And it’s so crazy how
life just is full circle and then I did it. It’s crazy. – I was a part of none of that. Did none of that. Didn’t apply for the show. I was in sports broadcasting
and training quarterbacks. Someone knew somebody and I got a call, like a week before we
started filming by producer. Sure, why not! And I packed a bag and was
there a couple days later, so… – That was kind of long. – Yeah we’ll speed these up. Um, Clueless twenty-four twenty-four. – What did your applications look like? Tips and tricks on how to get on the show. – Be yourself. – Totally be yourself and to be honest, uh, Jackson was in a lot
of my photos I sent in, so that probably helped. – When I did the- (JoJo chuckles) – When I did the questionnaire,
one of the questions is, literally, What’s the craziest thing
you’ve done in the bedroom? – Yeah this was like such a good answer. – And I said, “tried to mount a TV on the
wall without a stud finder.” NIGHTMARE! If any of you have ever done that- – But that’s such a good answer. – You know they try to bait you into
like the whole sex thing I’m like naw, I like, literally that was the
craziest thing I’ve ever done. Cause there was holes all over the wall. – Yeah, and you’re not good at it, huh? – Yeah – I would just say, totally be yourself, answer the questions honestly, because I think that
they’re very good at… – They’ve heard it all. – They’re very good at
picking out what seems a little kind of like rehearsed or forced. So just be yourself and if
it’s meant to be it’ll happen. Okay. Tate McCraw – Mc-McCaw Mc- (Both) McCraw – You’re right. – Do you go through any media training before going on the show? Wow. No you don’t. – That’s a great question. – Great question but no. No, you just get thrown in. Um and, and, I think that’s the- the answer’s no. No you don’t. – That’s the hardest part because you- Night one you’re sitting
on like a couch like this, trying to have a normal conversation, trying to date somebody and – Cameras everywhere -there
are a million cameras. So unless you’ve been on camera before, and even if you have, it’s
super hard to like shut that out – Yeah – And act normal. – There’s definitely
an adjustment process, but I will say that if you
ever do go on the show, the quicker you’re able to
kind of block out the cameras, the better off your time there will be. Um and, and just more
authentic and organic it’ll be. – And weirdly enough,
the people on the show, at some point, you finish a date and you’re like “Oh my God I totally forgot
the cameras were there. – Yeah – It’s the weirdest thing ever. – I actually remember from
my season, on the Bachelor, with Ben, um, I remember
actually telling Ben, and I think it aired, like,
I was sitting with him and I was like “This
is just so weird to me. Like I feel so weird.” And I think the role of
the bachelor/bachelorette, if they’re able to sort
of like comfort you and make you feel more comfortable, – (murmurs in agreement) – It’s so helpful. But yeah. Uh I think I was a little slower
in getting comfortable, but – You did that for me. Tiffany Horn – Yes! – I’m gonna read it like
as Tiffany would be asking. – Okay, good. – (With exuberance) JoJo, oh my God! How do you remember names on night one? Because, hello! No way you could remember
30 guys’ names night one. – Hello Tiffany! You’re so right! I did not remember, really – I wonder that too, standing
up there, I’m like… – Everyone’s name – I don’t even know these guys’
names standing next to me. – Inside Scoop! Um, so on the first night, when we’re doing the rose ceremony, I go out and I have
three names in my head. I go out there, and I say
the three names and then we break, and I go back into a
different room with producers, who have a photo of the lineup
so I know where to look, like if I- – Like he’s standing
on the left, that one. – I’m like, who’s Jeremy
and where is he standing. – (mocking jokingly)
Jeremy, you’re amazing. – So, yes, it’s definitely broken up, but you don’t see it
because it’s all edited. But everyone- – And it’s terrible for us
cause we’re standing there literally for three hours. And I know it’s California, it’s L-A, but that first night was cold! – Okay, so I’m gonna let you
complain and have your moment and then I’m going to tell you, being a girl on the other side
of that in five-inch heels standing there and
nearly naked in a dress.. – Did they have a place for you to sit down in the production room. – I’m talking about when
I was on the other side. – Oh, oh. Well we’re
not talking about that – No not about for me – We’re not talking about that – I’m talking about I was… – We’re not talking about that – Oh, gosh. – Alright, let’s move on. This is a good one, Beach
please underscore K-F. Love the handle by the way. Uh, how many times do they
spray the bachelor mansion drive with water for the arrival scenes. That’s one shiny A-F driveway. – A lot guys. Night one, every like three
people that got out… – Spray it out -they
would spray it with water. – I’m pretty sure someone just
gets paid to spray that down. – It’s a great job. – Yeah. I wonder if there’s
an application for that. Ellie dot Condrey. What’s it like living
with all of the girls? A huge slumber party? Or a huge mess? – Um -I’m gonna take a guess. – What’d you say? – Uh, a huge mess. – No. I think I had more fun
in the house with the girls. Um, yeah it was more of a
slumber party than a mess for me. – Finish what you were about to say. – What? – You had more fun in
the house with the girls. – I’ll be honest. I had more fun being one of the
contestants on the Bachelor, then I think I did as a Bachelorette. We kinda get a little stir crazy
so we would play this game, with like Oreos where
you try to get it from our forehead into our mouth
without using our hands. And I just remember that
was the greatest game ever. And we just spent hours
doing that. (laughs) – I gotta see you doing that. – It’s hard. – I gotta see this. – I never said… –
Alright, aw, nope, this is, how do I flip this thing? – (mumbles) I never said I was an expert, but, it’s all about your stance guys. – Oh, got the power stance going, okay! (upbeat background music) Oh slow shake. Oh, now she’s got one eye. Wow! This actually really
impressive. (Laughing) What are you doing. OH OH! Lost it! Wow! I thought you had
it. It was so close! – Too much pressure. – Here, wait, look, let me reenact you. – (Laughing) I never said it was pretty. Being a contestant it’s like… – So Fun. – It’s so fun and it’s
so like… – So much fun. – And it’s so like, there’s not
as much pressure and stress, and like being the
bachelorette was awesome. But it is just so fun as a contestant. – I had a great experience too. There was one funny time that Chad, the dude that worked out all the time, that was uh… – Ate a lot of protein – An A-hole. – Oooh! – When the cleaners
moved his protein powder, which he put in a specific,
like, cabinet in the kitchen and he flipped out and
was trying to fight people because he thought we pranked
him and moved his protein. – Fun. – So that was… – Just (mumbles) that man Oh! Arie and Lauren need sleep. I’ve seen this account
on Instagram actually. On a scale of one to ten how comfortable are the beds at the bachelor mansion?
– Ooooh. Good question. – I don’t think that they were bad. I…. – They’re not great though. – …I don’t remember it one
way or the other, I mean. – Different for girls than guys. Guys, I was on like a tiny
like.. – They’re bunk beds. – Yeah – So not bad not great. – I’d probably say a five. – Just like average. – Yeah, whatever. – Blanky? – These handles are tough. – So. Blanky – X-O-X-O – Who does the grocery
shopping at the mansion? How do they know what
you guys like to eat? Who does the cooking at home? If you have recipes, please share. Just a quick answer. The production team just
stocks up the mansion with a ton of food. – We make a long list
everyday of what we want and – Yeah ton of food. – And then just kinda cook. – They just get it for you. – Nothing fancy. A lot of
eggs. A lot of sandwiches Pretty much, always get
what you put on the list. – Yeah they’re really
good at taking care of you in the house. – Yeah – Um I
like never cooked in the house. The only thing that Becca and I made was bean and cheese tacos. – Weird. – That’s still do. – N Pierre. N preer
eleven? These are tough. Do you slash all the contestants have to provide all their own clothing or is there a dress code? – The answer… – Everyone asks this. You bring all your own stuff. – Yep and I don’t think
there’s a dress code. You just kinda… – No, and
you literally have no idea, like you gotta pack, not knowing
if you’re going to be there for two nights or you’re going
to be there for two months and so you have to bring everything. They, they send you a
list and it’s literally you gotta prepare for
snow and freezing -Yes – and beach and a hundred degrees, and everything in between. – And they tell you to pack it all and only like two
suitcases. – Two suitcases – I had like four and got
away with it, it was awesome. Me and my mom went on like
a huge shopping spree. Like when I found out I was gonna go and I just remember thinking gosh I hope that I don’t
get sent home night one and I hope these have
good return policies. – I spent a lot of money
on clothes. Like this… – You’re a little
fashionista Jordan and… – But it was just like t-shirts and stuff. You don’t know what you’re gonna need. – Yeah, and like.. -Bought
a bunch of random stuff Alright. Courtney Hirschberg. Is it weird being friends
with the girls or guys that were technically dating
the same person as you? – Such a common question. Um, I’ll be honest, it’s weird
when you get down to the end and like you don’t want to talk about your relationship with the guy. But it almost sorta just becomes like, no, this is the circumstance – Yeah – And these are cool people. So, yeah it’s weird but it almost just becomes normal in that environment. Which is even weirder. – I
think it’s only really weird if you’re not confidant in the relationship you have with the person. – That’s tough though. Becca and I were obviously
best friends on the show and we still are now but
I remember as we went on she would come home or I
would come home from a date and it’s like you wanna talk
to your girlfriend about it. And I remember we would
start to talk about it and then we both would
be like, – Mmmmm, yeah. – let’s just not. – Like it’s, it’s weird and
I love you but it’s like you know, so, its just a weird dynamic. – That’s one thing we never had to do. We never had to talk about it after. – Girls are different though. – Yeah. Uh, okay. Let’s see – Is it Sharee or Ch- – I’m gonna go with Care-is. – Okay. Um, as the bachelorette
did you have a stylist? Or were you required to
bring all of your dresses and outfits before hand. The greatest thing about
being the bachelorette and not a contestant is
yes you have a stylist and they do your entire wardrobe. So that is amazing. – And he’s amazing. – And he’s awesome. I love Cary. – Coffee. – Okay! – Brooke Nageet, Naget.
Something like that. What is the most bizarre
assumption you hear about the bachelor bachelorette that is completely inaccurate. – That it’s fake. And that
we’re in this for like publicity or whatever it is. – Yeah. – Or that it’s not real and
the feelings aren’t real. I think that’s the biggest one. – Everyone’s always like, you totally knew her before the show. You guys totally met before. – Oh Yeah! – Like, wait, what?! I didn’t even know how it was going to be and I was locked in a hotel
room watching the finale finding out if it was going
to be you or the other girl. – Yeah, so it just goes to show guys, don’t believe the rumors that you hear. – Yeah – Same with us. Good. There you go. – M-K-J zero two zero nine – Chad said on a podcast
that JoJo wanted him to stay. But the producers told her
it was time for him to go because he was so hated. Would love to hear JoJo’s side. No, that didn’t, that’s
not accurate. I think.. – Oh come on you didn’t want him to stay. – I’ll be honest. I didn’t
get to see all the stuff – That’s true. That’s a good point. – that was happening
in the house with Chad. – And so, in the beginning, I knew he was a little rough around the edges and there was like these things about him. My interactions with
him, were like normal. You know, and then I
started to hear this stuff, and then the time that he got sent home, it was the time that I was
ready to send him home. – K Johnston fourteen Are there lots of drunk nights? Seems like everyone just
hangs out or hangs around and gets hammered all day. – The guys on my season were
hammered the first night. – Kinda – That was my main memory from night one. Y’all just were hammered. – Not me. If you watch
it back, watch it back, I had zero ice in my glass because I kept carrying around the same one – Well good for you but – The drinks they give
you when you walk in the drink they give you, I
took one sip of it I was like I see what you guys are doing. Okay. – Well… – It was straight
vodka. Nothing else in it. – Listen – Everyone was getting hammered. – I’m all about taking the
edge off on that night one because it is a crazy night
and you’re literally like the nerves are insane. But my guys were hammered. – They were. – And I just remember there
was this, I don’t even rem- I think they showed it. I was back in a room doing an interview and like Vinny and Daniel
and a bunch, – Like busted in – Like busted through the
doors and they were hammered They were like “What’re you doing” I’m like what are you doing. – (chuckling) You’re not
supposed to be back here. – Yeah, he was just a show really. – Alright so if you wanted to learn how to fall in love on TV
and find ya one of these – One of these – Uh, hope that helped out. – Yeah – If you have anymore questions
you can comment below. – We’ll just keep this thing rolling. We’ll see you guys the next time. – Subscribe. – Yeah subscribe! (upbeat music)

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