Adult Performers Answer Questions You’ve Always Had

– I keep thinking that there’s gonna be like a action. (laughing) It’s not porn. – I’ll do one for you. – Okay. – Action. (sexy music) – I am Jason Luv. I’m a sexual artist. – Hi I’m Angela White and
I am an adult performer, producer, and director. – I am Kendra Sunderland and I’m here with Tori Black. – Woop woop. – And we’re gonna answer
the questions about porn that you are too scared to ask. – If you could do a XXX
parody what would it be and who would you play? – I wanna be the little mermaid. – Oh my God. – Is that what you were gonna pick? – No because they asked me to do the little spermaid. (laughing) – I really like watching Law and Order so I would do Law and Order SVU just so I could be Ice-T. If I could be Ice-T I could just bust in when people are like fucking and be like drop your dick. – What’s your favorite scene you’ve done? – I recently did a scene
with Manuel Ferrara. – My vixen scene with Manuel Ferrera. – Mmm. Good pick. – I was just about to say that
was my favorite scene too. I just did one with Manuel Ferrara. (laughing) – He just talks dirty
so much that I’m like. – And he does it in French too. – Yes. (mumbling) Just do it. – And you’re like. (laughing) – We love you Manuel. – Does your family know
what you do for a living? – Mine do and they don’t care. – My family does know what I do. I’ve been very open and
honest with my family from the very beginning. – My family do. – Mom and dad? – Mom, dad, and daughter. – I got caught doing a webcam
show in my school library so I’m known as library girl
and that’s how I got into it so all my family saw on
the news that I was playing with myself in the school
library and that I got arrested for it. – What’s your daughter say? – I had to break that down
to a complete verbal science. Skip the birds and the bees. Let’s talk about porn. – Do female porn stars
actually reach climax? I like the way that’s said. – I bet you it was a guy asking this one. (laughing) – Do they actually reach climax? – Yeah. – Some do, some don’t. It’s just like at home. Some fake it and some don’t. – I try to every time. – Yeah me too of course. – I try to. I’m like I’m gonna ride your
face until I bust a nut. – Yeah. – For me always. – But how do you know
they’re not faking it? That’s the question. – You can not fake the body
movements that I create. – When a scene is over-directed and they tell you cum right now. – You’re so hyper aware
of yourself that it’s hard to get lost enough to orgasm. – You can not fake science. Science. Liquids. You can’t fake it. Do you have a satisfying
sex life outside of work? – Yeah. (laughing) Shit. – I definitely think at
home sex is way better. – At home you can just go
to town over in the corner. – Yeah and get tired and
just lay down and catch your breath and get back in. You know when you at work it’s like (tapping on table) rabbits. – Have you ever fallen for a costar? – I wouldn’t say fallen. I’ve had like a crush. – Yes it happens. – Definitely. – Yes. – Who are your crushes? (shushing) – I like fell for them sexually
and then couldn’t wait to have sex with them again
but as far as emotionally I actively turn off that option. – When you have that kind
of intimate connection with somebody it’s hard
to just break it off. – Right you get butterflies
and you’re like oh my god, you dicked me down so good. – If it’s fun on a camera. – Imagine when it’s at home. – It’s gonna be great
when there’s no camera. – Does size matter? Wait a… – Does size matter? I knew it. I knew it. (laughing) – Exactly like I can’t
really answer that question. – Size does not matter because what good is a big
dick if you don’t know. – How to use it. – The motion of the ocean. – My problem is like
actually going to defecate and my dick falling in the water. – People think bigger is
always better but like I personally don’t like huge, huge dicks. – Yep. – I’ve heard girls say guys
with little, little penises like if they workin’ it
right, they killin’ it. And some girls tell me it’s too big. – If I feel like a little
remnant like oh I’m a little sore that’s kinda playful, that’s kinda fun. But if I’m walking around like (gasping) (laughing) – It really isn’t about size. It’s about how you
connect with the person. – Yep. – You can have a little one or a you can have mine. It doesn’t matter. As long as you watch
them you’re gonna win. Trust me. – What’s your best sex
advice for non-porn stars? I like this question. – Honesty is probably the best thing ever. – Listening to like the body language. Not necessarily what people say verbally because people lie. Like you’re doing a great job. Lying, lying. – But your hips don’t lie. – Right. Exactly. – If they’re making good
faces or good movements that seem genuine keep doing that. – If you really wanna get
crazy with your girlfriend chances are just sticking
your finger right in her butt and not saying anything
prior is not gonna go over very well so probably be like hey I wanna put my finger in your butt. – People always say we have
the best jobs in the world. A job is a job. – Sex work is work. – It’s work. – I say it like this. There’s some days I shouldn’t get paid and there’s other days I
should get paid double. – You know I feel like our
industry gets a really bad rap because people think that we’re nasty but we’re nasty in all the right ways and not in the wrong ways so actually most people in life are backwards. They’re not as nasty and
freaky as they should be so it’s like you’re the
wrong nasty and we’re the right nasty so get like us. (sexy music)

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  1. All these girls live as a toy for human beings and doesn't live life the manner it should be…just wasting their life…..these guys are a disgrace to the society…..

  2. rather than saying pornstars are normal people, it is better to say that pornstars are very honest people, given the nature of their work

  3. Yes, let’s ask the biggest whores on earth if size matters. Be real. If a woman loves you and is decent she will accept whatever you have. The average penis size for all men is basically 5 or 6 inches, little more little less. Most men who think they have a problem are brainwashed by these surgically enhanced men in porn. Wake up sheeple.

  4. I guarantee that in the “does size matter?” question they were told to say it doesn’t to boost the self esteem of the average man 😩 just by their responses lmao

  5. the australian, ya would need a few drinks on ya to even pick her up in a bar mates. If you aint a glove boy world of Warcraft player that is.

  6. they don't have emotional connections with co stars… Hmmm makes sense I don't either with my female colleagues apart from friendship… I love Kendra and Tori such beauties

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