Accountingprose- Small Business Superheroes

Tina is great and her team is super responsive. I tell people that we’re Small Business Superheroes. We like fly in with our capes and get everything
just completely done. We have an office in Phoenix and we have an
office in Denver, but with Xero, we’re everywhere. I’m so happy with my team, they’re awesome. They’ve helped us get onto the Xero platform
and it’s just been fantastic. The small business owners that really fit
well within our model are young entrepreneurs and we really become a partner in their business. At Brushfire, we’re always experimenting with
different software tools and Xero was one that I just kind of came across. Tina was ready to try some new software tools. It was cloud-based, we liked that, easy to
log into from the web or from your phone or from anywhere. From a user interface standpoint, the software
is designed much more beautifully. They’re thinking through how people are using
technology and trying to not let the technology get in the way. We really love to serve people who take advantage
of those technologies, because it helps us do an even greater job. Working with Accountingprose has saved me
hours of time each week. It integrates with everything. The nimbleness that working with Xero and
Accountingprose, together, makes us more effective and faster so we can focus on our customers
and our consulting and our software development.

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