A380 First Class Comparison Singapore Airlines VS Emirates VS Etihad

– While the 747 is the queen of the skies, I like to call the A380
the king of the skies. The largest passenger
aircraft in the world. (techno music) Some people may say “oh the A380 is ugly and the 747 looks nicer,” but to me, beauty is in
the eye of the beholder. I kinda think A380’s look
like more moray eels. With this like big head that looks at you. The real reasons why I like the A380. Number one, it’s the largest
and me being six foot seven, you know 79 inches tall, I
also connect with the A380 because it’s 79 feet tall. Coincidence? I think not. It’s also the quietest large
passenger aircraft in the sky. Another reason why I like it, it’s the only commercial aircraft where you can shower onboard. The A380 is almost all of them have some sort of passenger
lounge for premium cabins and another reason why
I like the A380 is that they’re in general, even
for economy passengers, really spacious. So me being six foot seven,
there’s no ducking my head to go underneath exit signs
and even with sub seats. Now it took many, many years
and about 50 billion dollars to create the A380, but
in the end unfortunately, passengers wanted more frequencies. Instead of one big jumbo jet flight, business travelers would
rather have several options in frequencies. (techno music) So Valentine’s day this year
was a terrible day for me. No, not because I was single at the time. I don’t care about that. It was because that was the
day that Airbus (sniffle) they officially announced
the A380 was donezo. I was in Colombia at the time filming for another vlog episode in Medellîn and I even made a little memorial. (aerosol can spray) But fear not, the A380 is
gonna be here for a long time. My favorite A380’s, the top
three that you should consider flying in first class
are Singapore Airlines, which just added a new first class about a year and a half ago to their A380, the Emirates A380 and the Etihad A380. All three of them shine in different areas so let’s go through which one is the best and I’m gonna judge by a
couple different categories. First off, let’s talk about, I’m gonna make one up on the spot, livery. That means how the plane is painted and the clear winner here is Emirates. They’ve got some amazing
custom specialty liveries, some celebrating the expo in Dubai and the one that I saw at JFK recently was the World Wild Life
one with elephants on it, and it is one spectacular
hunk of composite metal. The second thing will
be first class lounges. It’s really between Emirates and Etihad. Now Etihad’s first class
lounge in Abu Dhabi is divine. Massages, a gym, haircut,
beautiful food made to order. Emirates also has a lot of that. What I really like about
Emirates lounges in Dubai is that you can board
an A380 from the lounge, which I think is pretty cool. They also have that in
a couple other airports like JFK and Milan, but that’s not cool enough
to outweigh Etihad’s stunning first class lounge in Abu Dhabi. So the win there goes to Etihad. So now let’s talk about the suite on A380. There’s one that can
easily be disqualified and that is Emirates. Emirates actually has two
aisles on the upper deck of their 380 and pretty
small first class suites that haven’t been updated
in a long time on the A380. Emirates does have a beautiful suite on their new triple sevens,
but not on the A380. So unfortunately Emirates,
you cram way too many suites in the same space as your competitors so you’re outta the running here when it comes to suite. So that leaves us with Singapore Airlines, which has these beautiful
reclining chairs and beds. Singapore Airlines’ new
suite is so gorgeous, I truly felt like I was back in my tiny New York City apartment. Even calling her by her
own little pet name. Honey, I’m home. And they can actually
combine into basically what’s larger than most
New York City studios. The other would be the Etihad apartment. Yes, it’s called an apartment. While it’s a lot of space,
there’s a really big design flaw in that the seat doesn’t
actually recline much. So you’re either gotta lay down
in a bed or sit up straight, not much in between. The winner here is Singapore. All right, let’s talk
about food and beverage. I’m gonna knock out off
the bat one here, Etihad. Unfortunately, they’ve been suffering some financial problems and
have really skimped back, at least when I flew about
a year and a half ago. No caviar, which you’re outta here. Also, the champagne
was not nearly as nice. Both Singapore and Emirates have Dom, but Singapore takes a cake here in that they have Dom and Krug, as well as a book the cook menu. Although I would say
Emirates menu I liked better. I also really like Emirates because their crew is international, whether you have a flight attendant from Zimbabwe or Thailand, or a super friendly Irish
woman who also kinda doubled as a nutritionist and confirmed
what I always knew was true. Because this is fruit,
it’s good for you right? – (Irish flight attendant)
Of course, yeah (laughs). – It’s pretty close but
I’m gonna give the edge to Singapore Airlines. Now I will note that I did
fly Singapore A3 first once from Frankfurt to New York
and they didn’t have caviar. Hopefully things have changed. That’s in their old suites. All right, let’s talk about onboard experience and amenities. Singapore’s out the door,
they don’t have showers, they don’t have an onboard bar, they really lack
inspiration in that aspect. They’re much more of invested
in the individual suite, which is why they win on suites. So we’ve got Etihad and
Emirates, both have showers. Although Emirates has two
showers for first class. Etihad, they have two showers
but only one for first class. One is for the residents,
which goes out empty a lot so it’s kind of a wasted
space if you ask me. I am gonna give the nod to Emirates, especially cause they have
a beautiful new, renovated onboard bar, great seating, and it’s just a really cool experience that brings you back to the golden age of travel. Where the flight attendants
will let you do anything from make a Bloody Mary to try
on their pretty, snazzy hats. Makes me think, should I
become a flight attendant? And for the non germaphobes
out there like me who sometimes just need
to stretch in flight, not only is the Emirates
bathroom huge enough, it gets cleaned in
between every single use and the floor is heated, which makes it perfect
as a way to you know, stretch out that lumbar and get a little heat massage for free. It’s a really tough one
because I love me some Singapore Airlines. The flight attendants are
always amazing, really refined, but even though the suites
aren’t huge on the Emirates A380, there’s over a hundred of them to fly on, it’s pretty easy to redeem from rewards especially from the U.S. They’ve got showers,
they’ve got the cool lounge, and I do like the really
international flight crew. When you fly Emirates, I do feel like I’m a citizen of the world. And it may not be the biggest
suite that’s you know, giving you tons of space to hang out. The whole point is the
onboard lounge and experience, boarding from the lounge,
all of these things together make my favorite A380
the Emirates (applause). If you want more tips
on how to fly an A380, subscribe today and we are
gonna be posting our tips on how to redeem your frequent flyer miles to fly an A380 today. The A380 will live in my heart forever. As Celine Dion once said,
my heart will go on, and that’s how I feel about the A380. Safe travels, everyone.

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  1. Flew Etihad First Apartment last week Abu Dhabi to Paris and London to Abu Dhabi and both had caviar service (20g Oscietra from a tin). The rest of the meals were all sub-par unfortunately.

  2. I'm running in a doubt right now!
    At… 6:10
    Isn't the same Ethiad cabin first class than the residence!?? 🤔
    I always thought that the first class of Ethiad on A380 were the residence

  3. New BA Club Suite (Business) has more room than that claustrophobic and outdated Emirates offering

  4. A380 onboard bar & lounge; Qatar, Korean, Etihad & Emirates
    A380 onboard shower; Emirates & Etihad
    A380 seats & suite; Singapore & Etihad

  5. I don’t think the 380 is going to around as long a people think on most of the operators. Many are well into plans to phase it out as soon as realistically possible.

  6. Being an older Gurrrl, the 707 and DC-8 hold very special corners of my ❤️. Next up is the Queen … and I fly several times a year LAX to Europe to visit my siblings so I try to fly on her as much as I can (favourite seats 1A or 1K). Safe travels Brian 👍🏻

  7. Fella, all three have problems with men kissing men. They’d rather we are dead. You are a few years behind on these reviews. Seeing you review and dismiss one or another based on a shower leaves me thinking you’re a stooge.

  8. The one and only things that matters is seating, how can Emirates win with that outdated and cramped first class seat. The new business class seat on Singapore Airlines is better than Emirates first class seat on the A380.
    Singapore Airlines is a clear winner

  9. How can I redeem Alaska Miles for Emirates. I did try from LAX-DEL but it is mixed cabin. I don't mind a shorter trip but do want to try First Class

  10. Brian if your ever again in Thailand and fly into Bangkok try Thai airlines 1 hour flight to Udon thani . its a gem of a flight you will love it

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