A2 Engage Volume 3

– I’m going to show you a video here. – Okay. – It explains why you were chosen. – Okay. – So I want you to
watch it and just react. – Oh! (uptempo classical music) – Giving every student a voice. So, everyone can ask questions and then they can explore
their own questions, the things that they’re
most interested in. And also making sure to
seek out those students that maybe aren’t as
engaged and talking to them, and trying to figure out
what their interests are and how that can relate
back to what we’re studying. – Oh. – Miss Warner, who was my AP
environmental science teacher, she really challenged me
to do the best I could do. And the amount of work
she put into making sure that we were doing the
best that we could do, and how much effort she
would put into her lessons. And it was something that I was just I’m gonna do as much as I can because she’s doing as much as she can. – Oh, how wonderful. Thank you. – It’s wonderful when students
recognize what you’re doing that you do care so much
and that you do put so much of yourself into what you do. Hopefully because I put
so much into what I do, I can reach most of
them if not all of them. So the nice about science
is that I do group work. So then, I can strategically
group kids that I know that might need the extra help, and I pair them up with
students that will help them to get them excited with science. Students know when their
teacher is invested into the curriculum so when
they do something well, we get excited. And when I even was
launching the bottle rockets, we all would get excited. I would get just as excited as they would and so they knew that I was
very excited with their success and even their failure. – I want you to watch it and just react. – In middle school, my favorite teacher was Miss. Morningstar. – Oh. – What she did for me is
sign me up for my very first science fair, my first
watching a science fair, and from then I’ve done the
science fair every year, and this year I finally went to the Intel International
Science Fair because of her. So she inspired me not only
to work really hard in school. Her tests were always so hard
but I got an A+ in her class. She’s so passionate about
teaching and she’s so excited about what she does that it
makes everybody love science too and through her I get
so many opportunities that I would have never gotten. – Oh. (uptempo classical music) I’m very honored. I’ve watched her grow just to
see her excited about science and knowing that I was a small part of it is very, very exciting and I’m going to her graduation party. – I think the most important
thing with students that maybe are not
inclined to be as involved in the curriculum or engaged if you will is getting to know them and building a personal relationship with them. And at a school this big like Pioneers, it’s really, really important to try to make small communities. I feel like my enthusiasm
in someways is elevated at this time of the year because personally I
get attached to the kids and I miss them when they leave. And so, I try to cherish
these last couple of weeks together of course. – One person who’s really
stood out to me has been Mr. Richards, he’s really
had a great impact. You can tell he’s always happy to help and he’s always doing whatever he can to make our lives better. And during class times, he’s always standing outside his door like he wants to engage
with the students there. He wants to talk to you. If I’m ever having a problem, if I’m ever having a bad day,
he’s someone I could go to. He’s someone I can share that with and he will make it better. He will do whatever he can
even if it’s out of his hands. He’ll at least try to do
whatever he can to improve it because he genuinely cares about us. – Thanks Usaim. That was wonderful. It means a lot. I’ve work with Usaim
since his freshman year. I’ve known the Bac-coos
family for quite awhile but Usaim is one of my favorites and I’ll miss him a lot. – Well I spend a lot of
time at the beginning just building that
community in the classroom. You need to have all the
students feeling like they are apart of it
that they can take risks if they need to, that
you will support them that you will not have
others saying negative things about whatever they have to say. So the time I put in at
the beginning to build that community always pays off. – I want to highlight Miss. Wade. She is retiring this year
but I had her this year for African American Communities, and her classroom was such a safe space and open space to speak your mind and the topic of African
American communities are things that we study. We don’t really see much in the
other social studies classes so it gives me lots of passion and hope that will drive my moving forward. She always taught us to fight
for what we want with love and not with hate
because we love ourselves as African Americans. We love other African Americans and just to move forward with light. – Can I get a copy of that? That is so nice and she
picked up my passion. I am very passionate about
teaching and making a safe space and helping students to really try to get to their best potential. She said what it is I
want a classroom to be. She said it and if they come in that way or leave that way that’s all I ask. You can Google the material but if you can become
a person who is caring and passionate and works
hard at whatever they do that’s all I ask from my students. – I’m constantly making sure
all the kids are engaged by non-verbal communication, and musically just making
sure that we’re all constantly communicating and then I
also am always communicating with their parents outside of school. – Mrs. Gerald, she came
in my seventh grade year and to be honest, I wanted to leave then. Then she took the time
with us almost individually and it changed my life
like hey, I love music and music is a gift to me and she makes music so fun. – I try to make sure that
all students feel successful in band so that their confidence goes up and then they feel better about themselves so that hopefully it
allows them to experience some success in other classes too. That’s a good question. – That was really good. – Oh no! – Hi. – How are you? Congratulations on graduating. – Yes, yes hello. – Hi. – We were your first jazz band
and you kept us so engaged not even in the jazz but
even in the band class that made us successful going out. I have to thank you. – Oh my gosh you’re the sweetest. – For everything that you
have done, yes oh my goodness. – You’re like three feet taller now. – I was down here, yes I was. – Oh, that’s so sweet. – Yeah. – Thank you Terrence. – You’re welcome. – They go by a lot faster. It’s more enjoyable because their students are learning by doing
and there’s many days where the store may do well other days not as well and we
sit down and we talk about it. Why didn’t we sell as much today or maybe we made too many cookies or too much popcorn? Or we purchased too many items. So the managers get some
really good hands on learning in terms of how to run a
small convenience store. – Oh. – The one that really stands
out has been Mr. Scott Hunter, the marketing teacher. I could tell he’s passionate
about what he was teaching. He wasn’t just teaching just
’cause he knew the stuff. He’s passionate about the business world and I was glad to take his class ’cause he introduced me
to the business world and I plan to go to Madonna University to play football there
and major in accounting. And I think he has a
big deal to do with that ’cause had he not have been an influential business teacher on me then I probably wouldn’t
have even been interested in the business side. – Moofat, that makes a lot of sense. Yeah, he’s been good. He’s been real good. It touched my heart and
then to hear that is it reminds you why you got into teaching and that was awesome. So yes, he’s a good kid. I’ve really enjoyed having him in class and that’s why we do this. It really truly is. – So when they come in the door, one of the first things
we do is we tell them everyone’s unique, everyone has a gift and everyone has the ability to learn. We just need to find the
right way to reach them. We always start with a hook and then work backwards to
then slip in the physics and academic as they need it while they’re building and learning. For example, today we
actually had everyone tear down their robot. Many of these students
walked in the door saying I can’t build a robot. There’s no way and yet today
we’re celebrating that success which is actually really
gratifying for me. – Miss Garber in engineering physics is kind of the hard class
but some of the time I’d be ahead so she keep
pushing me to go more ahead and put actual things in my robot and programed it to do other things. I’d like to thank her for doing that ’cause it showed me that I can do more than what I thought I could do. – Oh, you’re gonna make me cry. Aurora was one who probably
was not looking forward to physics and I knew it but
she poured her heart into it and everything I asked her to
do she did above and beyond. And she was just a really great student and she was exactly the type of student that I’m talking about where
we say we celebrate successes. Oh God, that’s so unfair. – That’s the part. – On behalf of our 18,500 students, thank you AAPS team for a successful A to Engage 2018/19 school year. – Thank you Miss. Warner for everything you’ve done for me. – Thank you Miss.
Morningstar, you’re the best. – Thank you Miss. Richards. – Thank you Miss. Lee. – Thank you Miss. Garber. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. (slow classical music)

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