100 Replies to “9 UNCOMMON Book Marketing & Promotion Tips (That I’ve Used to Become a Bestseller)”

  1. Love this video Pat! I'd say your tip #1 is one of the biggest mistakes that most new authors don't follow. They work hard on their book, and then, after hitting publish, they ask themselves "Hmm..how should I market this." Creating a plan the day you start writing not only helps you to sell more books upon launch but also helps you write a better book too – marketing isn't just a sales push, it's research too and understanding how to best serve your market. Knowing that, you'll create a better book for them.

  2. #InLikeFlynn #5 and #6. I read a lot in my genre so a book club would be a natural fit. And a podcast is very interesting for launching.

  3. Thanks Pat. Such an honor to have helped you launch your book with the Street / Launch Team. Great tips in this video overall too! Well done.

  4. With so many things to learn as an entrepreneur it's great to have people like @patflynn who share skills you can utilise in your business plan to get up and running. It's not about following the steps, it's about being empowered to know you can do it. Thanks for sharing. #InLikeFlynn

  5. Great tip Pat. Building the audience along the way makes you accountable for it too. 'Hopefully it gives a person the motivation to follow through.

  6. Your idea about audience engagement jumps out to me the most. I've got a children's book coming out (geared towards 10-year-olds, called "5th Grade Challenge"). It's full of new vocabulary words to boost their language skills, and at the end of the chapter there are reflection questions that are meant to be read between parents and children. For audience engagement, I'll ask parents to answer these questions themselves (on camera). Thanks for the idea and the advice.

  7. #inlikeflynn As always your information is great Pat! I will be reading your book no matter what, and look forward to hearing you talk at fincon!

  8. Nice one Pat. The companion podcast series sounds like a great idea for having your work stick around #InLikeFlynn

  9. I always come away from these videos learning SO MUCH in such a short period of time! Keep the great information coming and I'll be #InLikeFlynn

  10. Just published my book The Happiness secret on Amazon last week – shame this video wasn't out then! Will implement the tip about giving my Kindle version away for free, at the moment I'm offering free PDF versions and given a few of those away, but the Kindle idea is great. In fact, all of your tips are great! =D

  11. Excellent advice as always. I found tip #1 to be the most useful – start before you write the book. That one seems the scariest but is absolutely necessary! #InLikeFlynn

  12. Great advice Pat. I will be using the promote in advance tip. for my next book. I want to finish my book and have the editing done. Then I will look to get some endorsements from people in my genre. My first book was an award-winning book and introduced myself to the world. Now that I'm a published author, I hope to build on the success of my first book. My audience has been clamoring for another book.

  13. Well, I love your tip #1 because the people I know wait until they print or going to sale their books, and maybe lost an important time promoting before the book is ready… also love the tip #8 because I didn´t know that it was possible. Thanks again, Pat! #InLikeFlynn

  14. Great video, I'm taking it small and incorporating a book club on my site. That's a fantastic idea just to get my readers reading one book a month or so. 🙂 #inlikeflynn

  15. Thanks Again Pat for the awesome helpful tips ! For someone who has never thought about writing a book these are extremely interesting. Keep them coming please !…. #InLikeFlynn

  16. #InLikeFlynn. I found #tip 2 build a street team very interesting. I hadn't thought of having the audience so actively involved in the development the book itself.

  17. A huge help, Pat! As always, lots of actionable information. I love the idea of transparency in the process. I can see how that gives your followers (#TEAMFLYNN#InLikeFlynn) a way to contribute ideas and guide the direction of the information based on their need.
    I'm learning…slowly…but I'm learning!

    Thank you again, PAT!

  18. Hi Pat,
    thank you for these tips!!:)
    I think that the one that I found the most interesting was the "Built in Marketing". I think that's a really cool idea! It brings the whole experience to another dimension!:) I think that the engagement produced from this strategy definitely brings the reader closer to the writer and as you mentioned will be a trigger for other people to get to know the book!:)))
    Really cool!:DD
    Thank you again!!:)
    PS: I'm writting an autobiography, and a marketing strategy that I'm trying to test is to use the cover which is a very simple photo of mine as my profile picture in every platform that I'm in and even as my water mark on my videos here on YouTube, with that I am hopping to be writting the image of my book into people's minds, so that whenever it comes out it will "somehow" familiar to them:)
    I don't know if this is going to work, but once there was a guy who use to paint a very simple design on the streets of the city where I am from, but he did it everywhere! and think that he even paid or created a group of people to write his design everywhere they could as well, so it seriously became ingrained in a lot of people's brains… Seriously he literally became a urban legend with his design!!! and that's pretty much what I'm trying to do by using my book cover everywhere; to somehow be more familiar to the people once the book is released, so that they would have a sense of I know this book from somewhere… and hopefully they'll actually buy it somehow being influenced by this familiar feeling… I don't know…Something like that. Now let's see if it works!:)))
    PS: Thank you again!!!:DDD

  19. Love the 9 Tips! My favorite, build a launch team, you can try to do it all on your own. But, working with a team is MAGIC! Build a Launch team.

  20. I’m interested in the temp free KDP strategy. I didn’t know it was an option. Working on book 1!

  21. #3 doesn't seem to apply to fiction, but it does give me the idea of holding contests/give-aways, such as getting people to design art work, maps, etc. even if it's not something that will actually be used, but how do they imagine this story in their own minds.

  22. I really liked your tip; giving away free e versions of your book. I never knew that was a thing, and I will definitely be looking into that!

  23. It's really hard to pick just one but I think one of the most creative advixes on your video, Pat, is number 3: creating a team of people who will help and support you. It doesn't only makes things easier, it also makes them a lot of fun!

  24. Well, if as you claim you are a best selling author, then I am streets ahead of you in the Amazon UK ratings with my 8 thrillers. John Day – Secret Cargo, Espionage London, Fixer strikes back… I gave up marketing and social media, because it was no fun and so ineffective. I happened to look at YouTube for book marketing ideas and felt compelled to write about my experience. The list you produced is generally accepted practice, and common sense, however, it isn't at all plain sailing when you follow it. Frankly, the author needs to be lucky and know the right influencers to make any impact selling books. I am neither lucky nor acquainted with an influencer. I am in a very odd situation that actually makes no sense to me or anyone else. All I want is to write great books and have readers enjoy them. It seems this is happening, but the resistance I meet by people who know me makes me think I must be a very bad person. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Espionage-London-John-Day-ebook/dp/B07635MHM5

  25. Thanks so much, Pat. Great idea about creating events. It should be so obvious, but somehow we never thought of it. The book my son wrote 15 years ago about his swim down the Mississippi River has several milestones we can highlight, including the launch on Kindle this month. Thanks for such good advice!

  26. You have given me some excellent tips these thank you. I will apply some of them to my existing books but my new book, living on Mars that I am writing I am going to create a vlog to show people how I go through the process of writing it, also this will promote my book on how to write and publish your book for free.

  27. Definitely love the idea of a Facebook group, and offering lots of bonuses on release day!!! www.truthworthdefending.ontrapages.com for a FREE chapter today!!

  28. I am writing a 'how to' book on writing characters who are disabled. I already mentioned that I have writen some of it.

  29. Fantastic content. I also use hugeorange. com for book advertising. Helps me improve my books ranking on Amazon online. Brings in more organic sales. I use it when the book drops below the second page.

  30. I literally can't pick one as the best tip but keeping the audience engaged via social media stood out to me. I know I like to feel involved in my interests so I will definitely do this when I publish my book.

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  32. Thank you for this video. It has helped me so much. I really can't say which is my favorite but the idea of airplane was so cute.

  33. I am so glad I found you in my suggestions. I will be self publishing my book for the first time. All of your tips were helpful. The one that resonated with me the most was Talking about your book before it even comes out. Give me people something to anticipate, like a movie trailer.

  34. I have just not put my 20,000th word into my first book, I have decided to go with KDP as my first outlet and I am now checking into both podcasting and blogs for promotion but I have a couple of questions. Once you list your book on KDP did you also list it anywhere else or just use the one outlet. Also I have heard that blogging is the best way to have publishers find you. Is there a specific blogging source that is better than another for publishers to find you?

  35. If you do a book giveaway, don't do one contest and give away 10 books. Hold 10 contests and give away 1 book in each one.

  36. I like tips # 1, 3, 7 and 9 the most.



  37. I like the idea of creating a support group. I wrote my novel The Dandelion with followers of Abraham-Hicks in mind and there are many in that group who would jump at the chance to spread the word, so thank you for that!

  38. Thanks for the advice – my book, THE WRETCHED, on Amazon, was submitted with little fanfare by my publisher – they kind of published a day or two after the contract was signed with zero hype. I understand, they are a small publisher, but I was surprised. Now the marketing has fallen all on my shoulders and I'm trying everything I can to get into the hands of readers – this video was very helpful. I like a lot of the tips, but believe I'll focus on the last few the most and see where that takes me. Wish me luck!

  39. Just one little tip: introduce yourself personally. I started watching this video, and then I wanted to know who was behind it. You mentioned writing "Will it Fly", and I looked this up.

    But…I was uncertain if the author of this video was the same as the author of the presented book. I looked more closely, and I cross-referenced it, so finally, I did find that the author and presenter of this video is one and the same with the author of "Will it Fly."

    I feel like that could have been easily clarified by a personal introduction at the beginning of the video.

  40. Hello Pat, your tips are fabulous, and I really appreciated them. The 2 of them that I liked more are involving a team (people with larger platform) and the promo circuit (the virtual one).

  41. I am about concluding my book, all your point are very helpful but in the applications of this points, more details will be needed, I just wanted to know if you will be ready to give more details and can you market a book ?

  42. I have been watching how to videos for (ebooks books) promotion/marketing for months this is by far the best and most realistic one of them all, I’m watching a second time to take note. Thank you so much .

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  44. I have heard many people talk about #1 and #2, so those are on my to-do list for sure. But I thought #3, to build sharing experiences into the book is pretty cool. I am excited to fit that in.

  45. Hi. Just viewed your video and I liked all of it. It was all really good advice so it’s hard to choose just one. I’m a homely old lady, so doing videos or a pod cast isn’t something I think would fly well. But, having had businesses before, I know your suggestions will work, so I’m going to implement as many as I possibly can. Thanks.

  46. I guess that I'm going to try the promote early thing. I'm currently writing like 2 books right now but I haven't talked about them yet. I only have one social media account dedicated to writing. I would try you tube but I remember when I tried you tube a year or two ago it was basically impossible to get anyone to see it.

  47. I am on the finishing edits of my contemporary novel SPRINT DREAMS, the story of a collegiate athlete striving to become All-American while screwing up along the way. I am interested in incorporating the social media pages of the main character, Makeda Delane, in my book similar to the paper plane challenge. https://twitter.com/makeda_delane https://www.instagram.com/makeda_delane/?hl=en

  48. Thank you, this is so helpful.
    I’m already planning an event so I guess you’ve motivated me in making it even more successful.🙏

  49. Im the worst at Social media. But everyone who knows me and my book I'm writing are saying social media strategies will get it out to my market in a big way. Thanks for this video. Great information.

  50. I am going to have folks share a picture of them reading the book out in public and tag me in it on social media (heard that one earlier on another video too) and I like the idea of having folks share their activity with me on social media. There's a flight plan in my book Piloting Your Life and it's the perfect thing to have folks complete and share on social media. My book launches 9/1/19! We are cleared for takeoff!

  51. I did write a book! Have been writing for many years and finally have my first book. Yay! I am doing everything backwards. Now I need a launch team and reviews. Thank you for this awesome video that gives the best tips I've heard yet plus you are so good on camera. Okay – my favorite tip that you suggested has to be the launch team. This makes sense. Thank you again!

  52. This is amazing advice and I must confess I have fallen short on a lot of the tips you have given. Especially #1. I worked really hard on my book and then got in out on Amazon Kindle, but now I am in the "dark" in a way since I did not utilize marketing before putting out my book. I missed out on that hype that can come with an impending debut. So, besides working on #1 and expanding my marketing to try and get readers to my book, I am also going to work on making an event. I think that would be great, even if it is only in the community in which I live. One step at a time. However, since watching this video, I have a better sense of what to do for my sequel. Thanks Pat!

  53. Thank you for this very helpful set of tips! I'm definitely going to work on the street team for my next series, but I'm also interested in the book club idea as it combines two techniques I hadn't thought I had time for. Thanks again!

  54. The part that got me was the launch team, everyone says they have no time these days, so I don't know what to do about that.

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