84 DMG COMBO!?!? OTK Priest – Standard Constructed – The Witchwood

ah did you guys get the chance to see HCT Europe preliminaries is pretty awesome but did you know that three people brought this same exact list they might not have actually done that well with it but we will play this list in their honor and good luck you can only imagine it's the mirror given how awesome the stack is this deck is sweeping the nation with its power level Northshire well attack front it should be better for me this should work out hopefully maybe too soon considering this is like my key combo piece I should silence and then I guess I hit in heel don't use that Paz yeah that's pretty song wouldn't be away for spiteful to deal one damage in this case uh-huh thank you sure I'll take that then it'll stay on the board probably did not expect us to stick around we'll take it he has the chance to overdraw me but that's ok with me it was just a random card mostly looking for radiant elementals met Wow a double burn unexpected didn't burn anything critical huh I know more Northshire cleric slept in the ducts so I am going to be looking to still draw cards now the only problem is do need to use a card before drawing a card using a card is pretty hard here so maybe we just let that one go problem with was lash is I can't really draw a card off of that I think it'll just lash my hand is too full turn six lady Opie Opie alright so my problem right now is the circle feelings are dead right now we've got let's see four six seven seven mana to deal 14 damage 14 I mean 28 so right now I'm looking for another powered shield which doesn't exist I'm looking for exactly the other divine spirit oh man okay so four six seven eight I've got the victory next turn we could probably take this to get rid of the top four five six seven eight nine mm playing circled healing just so this could beat a unbuffed for Tolan shellraiser and or and unbuffed no I don't really know then I could also work yeah unbuffed something could make this happen like that and then we have lethal so 2 5 6 7 you fool you are the instrument of your own de Moz wouldn't have won unless I had chosen exactly that card we can even swag with the vivid nightmare instead I'll do that's awesome okay we can still get through all of that damage this this deck tops off at I believe 7d help idea the math real fast radiant radiant storm at night is 8 mana DSD SD SD s 5 to 10 2014 and then inner fire then vivid nightmare vivid nightmare something like that it could work out but we are going to need to in this one all right so I've got the North Shore pyro at this silence but I think I want to keep that silence with like don't keep this silence I can draw 3 cards right now but maybe we wait wait well missed one or something okay divine him so yeah good way to get things moving on this matchup I definitely need to draw both radiant elementals I need to keep both radium elementals I've won Northshire cleric to get all my stuff done do I need to keep the power word shield for the super combo well I have both vivid nightmares I have both divine spirits that's probably going to be enough without the power would shield needing to DRAM I can use this to cycle and I think I can use this to draw not that many cards would be okay I need to keep that card in hand that card in hand these two cards in hands so that's four cards on luck Dan I'm just gonna heal and hit and we'll keep the Northshire to recap I need to keep these four cards in hand I think I need the mass to spell at some point this is my only silence left and that silence only cost two so if I'm using the stone midnight radiant radiant combo but I also have to spend one manís I don't have mana for mass dispel afterwards so I have to play psych okay so I think yeah this gets cycled it wasn't necessary and then guess we'll burn spirit lash or we'll burn Pyromancer but Pyromancer combines more shire to draw a card silver in spirit lash so these four cards on the Left I have to keep these psychic screams I kind of need to hold so I have a three card combo which draws two cards it could just play a psychic scream also justice just to play it let's do this two three five so I play one two three four cards I draw three cards that'll work at our shield I suppose there's the board while doing me some kills and some board presents a nice alright so we are in a holding position to draw strong midnight and inner fire and radiant elemental I need to draw just three more cards in this deck what if now I only have three divine spirits the most I can do without playing vision nightmare is fine and I have the power chilled step 5 loss to 714 2856 he's gonna be out of 56 range soon that means in order to win I have to play them the nightmare so that would mean crazed Alchemist is useless because I have to have the mana to enter fire so I should just be able to play this Korea's alchemist unless I were to play the storm and nut in servitude but I've lost too many mins I don't want to take the risk it's gonna be night radiant radiant he the SD SD s AF v nvm so yeah let's just toss this guy see this card is useless all right pass I'm gonna hope he'll play another one of those at some point that's another way to do it this costs less than the Stormwind night oh okay how much damage do we have four six eight oh we don't have the inner fire yet so we will circle healing and pass I think the only way that deck has taunt is with the five mana hatchling so okay oh do we have it for six a dsds five ten twenty twenty twenty sixty oh no what damage short wait this is real if I draw the powered shield I get another six damage and so I think we just shadow madness and hit him in the face for three need to keep all four of those the psychic screams yeah because that could get the content of the way that's bad I need to keep all nine of these cards and what okay we got it right I've 714 28 28 times 3 yeah it's that's got it we did it Exodia obliterate

47 Replies to “84 DMG COMBO!?!? OTK Priest – Standard Constructed – The Witchwood”

  1. I used to do the same style of game with a warlock and the molten giants!! it was so fun and very unexpected by the opponents!!!

  2. One of the few good things about this deck is that it doesn’t use legendaries. I think it’s playable at rank 20.

  3. BUTT OTK priest was available on turn 4 dealing 28 damage
    you just need a single cold light to draw 2 card at turn 3 and top deck bunch of your otk card.

    now it's only available at wild since the jade and the blue Frog rotated out.
    i missed the ole instant win or concede deck.
    pretty sure some victim uninstalled hearthstone because they dead on turn 4.

  4. Was the BM really necessary? The first guy was in a shit position initially and ultimately lost, why compund his defeat with a rude “thank you?”
    I’ve always found it fascinating, and disturbing, how much people enjoy tormenting their opponent for their own pleasure.

    And as a quick disclaimer I don’t give a damn how much my opponent’s emote against me, I just don’t like seeing my favorite Hearthstone player doing it to someone else.

  5. Can technically do 108 damage with radiant-radiant-Stormwind-PWS-PWS-DS-DS-VN-VN even more with more DS so if perfect combos exist you can technically do 432 damage

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