5 tips for establishing and building business credit

Hi this is Gary Stockton from Experian Business Information Services. I’m going to give you five tips for building establishing and building strong business credit. First you must act like a business by maintaining a distinctly separate business credit profile from your personal credit. Second avoid surprises. Be proactive in monitoring your business credit score. Third, stay current on payments to creditors. It seems simplistic but it is great advice that just pay those bills on time. Don’t let them go delinquent. Four – ensure that your good payment history is reported to the credit bureau. So establish some good strong trade credit lines and make sure you’re doing business with partners who are reporting to the credit bureau. And lastly use business credit reports to limit your risk of doing business with others such as your business customers, suppliers and vendors and partners. You can run a business credit report on any other business and you would do that using our Smart Business reports product. If you found this Business Credit Answer helpful please share it and remember to subscribe to @ExperianSMB for more business credit tips and trends.

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