5 Success Habits That Made Jack Ma a Billionaire

According to Forbes Jack Ma’s net worth
is estimated to be worth over 40 billion as of this video but wasn’t always like
this for him he grew up poor in communist China failed his Uni entrance
exam twice was rejected from dozens of jobs including one at KFC before finding
success with his third Internet company called Alibaba which is the China’s
answer to Amazon a sheer factor behind Jack Ma’s success was the quality of his
habits that allowed him to power through failures and adversities whose going
through at the time despite all of things he had against him and that’s why in
today’s video I’m gonna be sharing with you the five success habits that made
Jack Ma a billionaire so make sure to pay close attention if you’re somebody
who want to get step closer to reaching your dream right now so without further
ado let’s go into the first habit which is used the power of LQ Jack Ma
mentions how intelligence yes it’s important emotion intelligence yes is
important however he said what you also gotta have is LQ which stands for love
you see he goes on to talk about how a machine does not have a heart a machine
does not have a soul and the machine does not have a belief and in this
digital era the way things are moving towards artificial intelligence right
now he says it’s important to come from a place of compassion and loving
connections of which a machine cannot replace as after all in this black and
white world true colors show so he said it’s important this display this LQ if
you want to be a true leader and grow a successful business in fact the CEO of
Starbucks Howard Schwartz was once quoted saying how we are not in the
coffee business serving people but we are in the people business serving
coffee you got to ask yourself right now how can I humanize my business in this
black and white world how can I show more compassion to compare to my
competitors how can I be more human and real and authentic in this artificial
world that’s the first habit the second habit is to never reinvent the wheel
despite this I see so many people out there trying to figure out themselves
wasting all these hours researching researching researching when in fact you
just got to simply ask you got to be able to willing to listen to other
people who failed and who knows exactly what not to
do in your current situation so be a humble student put your hands up and ask
for help as Jack Ma says if you want to be successful learn from other people’s
mistakes don’t learn from their success stories and this is why he’s got a
routine between 6 p.m. and 12 a.m. he specifically mentions how he’d rather
instead of switching his brain off he focuses on making themself smarter
stronger or something that broadens his network during this period of time and
also another thing that Jack Ma does because he lives by this philosophy is
he believes in the idea of friendly competition Ma does not see his
competitors as enemies he sees them best friends
that he can actually learn from and grow from so he knows exactly what to do and
what not to do you too insider you got to become a
hungry student of life learn from people who’ve gone out there made the mistakes
and be willing to ask for help let’s go into the third habit which is
to set yourself up to win Jack Ma was quoted saying this how the next 30 years
are critical for the world every technological revolution takes about 50
years in the first 20 years we witnessed the rise of technology giants like eBay
Facebook Alibaba and Google this is good but now we need to focus on what comes
next the reason why Jack Ma became so
successful in his own right he’s got this habit of setting himself up to win
he’s sitting down planning in advance what is he gonna do if there are
adversities obstacles in his way I like to call this principle the if-then
principle it’s about acknowledging that life is full of obstacles there’s no
denying that no matter how positive you think about it so prepare your self in
advance what are you gonna do if you face procrastination then what are you
gonna do set the deck in your favor so no matter what you still do whatever it
takes so it’s all about planning in advance as after all if you fail to plan
well then plan to fail let’s go on to
fourth habit which is be relentlessly solution focus this is what Jack Ma said
he said if you don’t give up you still have
giving up is the greatest failure one of the habits that Jack Ma has is his
ability to not see problems as a problem but instead as a gift he sees him as an
opportunity in which that he can actually excel from and he powers through it
no matter what in fact Jack Ma said how opportunities
lie in the place where the complaints are so he views problems complaints
differently and he moves forwards despite how he truly feels he’s always
focusing on the solution because he understands what you focus on expands so
if you focus on issues right now if you complain about your current situation
right now that’s what acts as a glue that keeps
you tied to it so you’ve got to focus on what you want not what you don’t want
let’s go into a final habit which is regularly connect to your why Jack Ma said how no matter how the tough to chase is you should always have the dream you saw
in the first day he’ll keep you motivated and rescue you from any weak
force think about why you began your journey what was the catalyst what was
the belief you had and connect to that on a daily basis this is what Jack Ma
does to keep himself lit every single day to keep himself fresh every single
day to keep himself humble to the process as Jack Ma believes that this is
the key to stay motivated and being allergic to weak force in your mind he
acknowledges that little boys will be there that thing that tries to pin you
in your current situation and try to stop you from moving forward but he
realizes to be able to overcome this you got to connect to a bigger purpose your
why in life so connect to something that’s bigger beyond yourself that keeps you
lit every single day these are the five success habits that make Jack Ma a
billionaire I hope you found today’s video helpful if you have insider be
sure to do me a favor right now and share this video with friends and loved
ones why because life is all about paying it
forwards so do me a favor and actually share this video right now to the people
who need to hear this message like this video if you like this video and comment
below regards to any questions feedback you may have and as always follow your heart my
friend and take action and go live the life your truly
born to live I’ll see you on the next video soon take care

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  2. Tim it's a beautiful message and a inspiring story you have shared about. Jack Ma. It's a truly motivational☺💓💖💕👍👌😋

  3. Jack Ma is an inspiration. Giving up is the greatest failure. I've seen too many of my friends give up on their dreams before ever trying because they were discouraged by negative people like their parents and Friends.

  4. 1. If you not love what you do, then no will love what you done.
    2. Learning from other people mistake. The best way you can learn by reading books.
    3. Your quality of of life is resulted from your quality of habits.
    4 keeping motivation everyday only takes you to accomplish your goals.
    Thanks for the video.
    – RK Manju

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  6. I'm hoping that I will be billionaire too someday on my own way.
    Thank you for the inspirational words. 😇😇😇

  7. Our problem in Africa, we hate our competitors, that is where we loose it, but anyway I'm gonna hustle through to a win situation,if Ma made it, I can as well make it

  8. I think Jack Ma greatest success is his abilities to accept problems and see problems as a challenge. Which many may not be able to see or take it and easily give up their hopes and aspirations. Regardless as whether you are in the Business Industry, a Scientist, a Politician or any Professions, you must be able to humble one self in order to lead a successful life.

  9. If everything is family why doesn't everything talk to everything and family shouldn't be a word. I'm guilty of family sorry!

  10. Five success Jack Ma

    Love quotient
    Never reinvented well. Learn from other people mistakes. Not from people success story
    Set the plan
    Solution focused
    Begin with "Why".

  11. Why do guy's I meet on Facebook always asking for money do I look rich! Or maybe they are using me? Want to help, but I don't have it! I'm very happy, loving, caring, compassionate person

  12. Jesus is the way to become rich………..

    He said ,"Trust me and all of your needs shall be met."

    Mathew 16

    …25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

    26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

    27 For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels,

    and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.…

  13. I feel really blessed by this video. It is essential that we continually remind ourselves of why we started what we are doing so as to fuel our drive. Thanks so much. I'm gonna share this clip and subscribe.

  14. The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.

  15. Thanks Mr jack ma. U r my piller of strength. I almost gave up trading forex. But as soon as I watch ur videos I went into the markets. Now I'm a better trader because of you sir thank very much.

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  17. wow it is amazing I have some of the character you said but what I pick is focus and concentration to complete an action

  18. People who success in their life are listeners more then talkers, why? COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY
    Listen to people to know what they wants, their concerns, what they expect from you, their needs….
    If you do not listen you will never give them what they need.


  19. What if I can become truly happy without being rich?
    What if i can get more girls and great sexual satisfaction without so much money?

    Is that even possible? Where your girl is also so happy and so caring even though your income is low?

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    It is Islam. Islam is the code of conduct of life where you are free from these worldly bindings, stress, depression, anxiety and misuse.
    Although many ppl hate islam, but the muslims know how much blessings they have. That is why although many non-muslims hate Islam but they are always curious about it and many do embrace it. This is reality people. Live the life of Islam and find the inner peace and happiness you were always looking for.

  20. Bottom line to being wealthy is lose all scruples/morales. Fact! Do this guy's features appear warm/friendly? He looks like a deranged maniac.

  21. Thank you for sharing…
    It is a wonderful idea.
    I was in the other networking for the past years ago, I've been always failed. I don't have enough ideas and 💰 to start in a business.
    I really want to know how to do and how I start, and what should i do?

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  23. hello everybody
    jack ma sees the excats which we filter out. lets learn from him.lets recollect our filter outs.lets be humble to learn.
    romel roy
    mobile no: 09957335169

  24. Thank you. It was wonderful to know that success comes with the belief that you succeed in your beliefs! I am not sure if it already exists but if doesn't id like to suggest that if Alibaba can open opportunities for 9th/10th graders and above to bid for small projects, which gives them the exposure and also its a fresh new way to encourage students. It gives them the opportunity to have experiential learning and as stated by Mr. Ma that the education system needs to change, it has to be knowledge-centric rather than judging the capacity to remember! Thanks for reading through. Highly appreciate a response.

  25. jack Ma is an inspiration to all, alibaba has a huge percent on my portfolio. Much Appreciation to Arthur Winchester hes investment strategies are second to none.

  26. It is not enough to want something . You must be right about it. Ya you made lots of money selling very affordable stuff. then donald Trump comes with tarriffs. I still believe in North Koreea. Competition is the way to waste of resources . So it is not about making money it is about solving all of a society's problems and making life beautiful for the young people.

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  28. Kayang kaya n ng mga may pingaralan c jackman tulungan. May mga pingaralan cl ky mpgaaralan nl kung anu cause ng depression nia.

  29. Jack Ma is a humble, and rare Inspiration, Innovator, Trailblazer, and a thought provoking force to be connected with… His Amazing Business Mindset is down to earth, compassionate, unassuming, poised, and refreshing. He Clearly represents a Rare New Generation of Intuitive Leaders, based on principles, and the likes of those, not often seen before.. He is about thriving, and setting worthwhile examples, for Highly Successful Entrepreneurships, for the 21st Century, and Beyond.. Time to Remove the Greed based Money, Only Me & Mine Matter, mentality.. It's long overdue, and the time is NOW, to be genuine, from the Heart, adding in what he call's the Love quotient.. He believes in Making the Main Focus, about them, the people, not himself, and Believes in the POWER, of Empowering others!! It's How can I provide You, my current, and potential Business associates, and Clients with the BEST Service, Product, and or opportunity, with the door's always open policy, to build a foundation, a community of likeminded pioneers, with ideas, limitless possibilities, and opportunities, to Engage, Embrace, & Enhance each other's Creativity, explore each person's unique talents, and Investing in their future successes, adding to the promise, of enabling others, to believe, and know, that they too, can be and achieve anything, they so desire, by working smart, and having heart, putting the plan into motion, focusing with intention, and purpose, to have the complete freedom, and independence, to live their life, to its absolute fullest, each and every day from now on…

  30. So good, pre planning is the most important for every one if you want to do any work you must to make a plan before work without planning the work can be failed and making lost no Guramurthy for work it is wastage of time labour and energy.

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