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  1. This was uniquely hilarious! The guest this time around stepped up to the plate with Josh's usual craziness. Made for a good time!

  2. I dont like going camping at public parks because of the smell of the outhouses. I dont like KFC famous bowl for the same reason.

  3. Grouse looks very interesting, but it costs $40 without shipping and handling just to get it frozen. I'd rather buy $40 of duck breasts I think. I made quail before, wonder how grouse compares to that

  4. I tried to look up the lawsuit with Brandon Boyd. All I can find is one with a chick from a reality show.

    Anyone have any luck on finding his story? I believe it, I just wanna read an entire article.

  5. Looks a lot more fun to run this channel than mine.. I wish I could eat chicken instead of just buying lottery every week..

  6. I could have watched these two do literally anything together for 23 minutes and it would still be the best thing I've watched all day! what a great match up!

    Choppin broccoli!!!!!!

  7. Dudes, just mike and josh doing stuff like top gun handshakes and and screaming in Scottish accents should be it’s own show. Totally hilarious guys 😂😂😂

  8. I like this, a lot. But, your chef kinda treats everyone else like "im the one who knows everything" type of thing. If he could be a little more "humble" (i guess) he could be one of the top of youtube's top chef.

    Hes too much of a… perfectionist? And he's treating with a NO CHEF public. In my opinion, he's a little too much of a showoff more than a teacher. With that said, in youtube you kinda have to be a teacher, not a "know-it-all" kind of dude.

    Idk. He could care less of what the guest thinks instead of what the public will see. He should know that 1.000.000+ people will see, so he should be more 'connected' with theese people. Not in the "im a chef youre an idiot if u think that 3/4 of a butter is too much(little) of butter' kind of guy.

    Love your show, just think that commiting a lot to this show its a little too rush… specialy if you don't have a person who can relate with its veiwers.

  9. 18:10 – My face when the kids anxiously ask if I farted in the car as they suddenly realize the windows have been manually locked…

  10. Josh mentioned watching the movie Stick It and with that he brought such great vibes into this video. That movie was everything for me growing up!

  11. I like episodes like this because they are collaborative and I also learn about a new meat. I never heard of Grouse or intended on searching for different chicken but now Im like what do I even know. What is food, what the supermarket says is food.

  12. Newfound love for Mike. First a Dana Carvey reference then an Ace Ventura reference and on top of it all a Judge Dredd reference. This is what adoration feels like

  13. You meant you did a 180 if you do a 360 you end up back at your starting point. Anyway I love these videos it just irks me when people say that. Sorry carry on don’t mind me

  14. Every episode is freaking great, but in its own unique way. This channel came out swinging, and it seemingly can never disappoint!

  15. I'm just more annoyed that I invented famous bowls when I was like 5 years old and I never capitalized on the idea and now KFC is selling them by the Millions.

  16. Out of all the fast food dishes you have bought and made, i think this is the only i would eat. Well specifically the actual fast food. Cause all the ingredients are simple and i eat too much like a 5 year old. Like when i get fast food burgers i only get regular burgers with only ketchup and mustard. Thats it.

  17. I think rhett and link understand how important it is for cohosts to have a great chemistry so they allowed josh to bring the person he gets along best with in the office even though he works in props instead of food. I don’t even care much for cooking videos but I am living for these two together.

  18. The chemistry in this episode was amazing also I love the famous bowl. I know Bojnalges isn’t in LA but I’d love to see a fancy Chicken Supreme Box episode

  19. I'm a gravyholic, I always order extra gravy to finish off my famous bowl! My fantasy is it's all organic, free range, organic, no chemicals! lol
    I have a potato allergy, and I need my potatoes cooked to mush unfortunately. 🤔
    This was so entertaining! I'm surprised how much you went through to make this dish!
    I honestly think I'll go to KFC, less expensive lol But you made such a great dish!!! I wish i was one of you taste testers!

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