$20K profit on his first wholesale deal | Mike Butler

If you want financial freedom time freedom and want to leave a legacy for generations to come You probably have heard real estate investing is the place to do that. How do you get started? What do you have to do? When is the right time if you are looking for those answers you’ve come to the right place? My name is Kyle Stanley and this is fearless flipping my mission is to help you learn this business and conquer real estate investing Welcome in to another episode of frills flipping you’re checking this out with me. Kyle Stanley And I’m excited to introduce you today to Michael Butler here in Fresno, California Michael actually started his investing company and wholesaling right around the same time as me within like literally just a couple weeks of each other and To see this guy’s progress was inspiring for me, and I know it’s going to be inspiring for you as well we actually did this interview back in May and Michael was knocking on doors for four straight months Cold calling. He was doing everything that you could think of that was low-budget and you know really utilizing his time I mean this guy is a full time teacher full time coach who’s doing this between the hours of 7:00 to 9:00 p.m At night and then when the summer hit going even harder but the crazy thing is here is that this is just proof that if you stick with this business and you stick to the Fundamentals you can find deals because after four months of knocking on doors and just about anyone probably would have given up after one month He landed his first deal made $20,000 and he at the time of this interview had just gotten a second one under contract He’s done even more deals since then. We’re now in August September. Sorry of 2019 and I mean this guy is on fire He’s becoming known very quickly as one of the go-to wholesalers in Fresno And I am excited for you to hear his story straight from his mouth and to gain so much knowledge From Michael Butler. Here we go. I just want to first of all before we jump into your deals and everything that’s going on I got to ask you what what is the most interesting? Real estate experience that you’ve had so far in your young career Yeah, like you said it’s a young career, so not a lot of moments. I actually had a from from my first deal there was actually Right across the street, you know, obviously you can miss me when you’ve got certain appointments and stuff like that You can miss the neighborhood and there was actually a house That I mean the grass all the things they tell you to look for right for distressed properties The grass was high You couldn’t see the front door because it was had like bushes all around it and you were like nobody lives here This is like ghost. You know, it’s like right so, you know, no one lives there. No way north you live there So I was with my buddy Darren and I said, you know, I’m about to go knock on the door Which is a fear of mine. I don’t like knocking on doors Okay, you know cuz you know, he’s young and it’s a lot of things that you’re just uncomfortable with. Sure So I knocked on the door Lady opened the door and you know, I started talking to her about the house and and here’s actually one of the biggest not rejections but one of the biggest things that they’ve told me so far that I can’t you know seem to find My way around it is like, you know when there’s a holder person. They’re like, well, what am I supposed to go? right, you know it’s You know, I I don’t know you’re supposed to go You know, where have you ever you ever wanted to go off the in-laws? Right? Oh, you have any children? I would love to have you close by right and so I’m looking at the house and like I said It’s hadn’t been taken care of She opens the door and I mean I literally see it’s probably like two inches thick of just trash on the floor. Mmm So, I mean you talk about a hoarder house, right? It was filthy. Yeah, I didn’t know how anyone could live there And I had a good conversation with her build some rapport with her and she said, you know Her kids have been wanting her to come live with them And if you know whenever they decided to do that, that’s what they would do So, I mean it wasn’t one of those things where I got a deal out of it, right? But it was really just facing a fear. You know, I’m talking to someone Putting something in the pipeline, you know made me to come back to me. Maybe it won’t but just I was able to really see the how distressed the property was and Be able to understand at some point She’s not gonna be able to live there that long well and in the beginning those small victories that you can celebrate for sure So great job and get outside your comfort zone for sure. Why did you get in a real estate? And well, we just heard that what you’re doing now is your teaching – so, why’d you get into real estate? Let’s start there. Oh Let’s see. So I just we were on Christmas break teachers we get you know, Fresno Unified we get three weeks off So I’m sitting in bed watching youtube videos and I was watching Breakfast Club and a man by mark wedding had got on there and he started talking about minorities and and how we pretty much we live a you know a life cycle where We spend our life you will be accrue debt by going, you know by going to school or trying to change your life But then you spend the rest of your life Paying off debt, so you never really get a foot up and then your kids that you know They inherit nothing and so it’s the same cycle And he mentioned real estate how just a lot of people have would have been able to build wealth through real estate and one of the biggest Misconceptions with real estate is that you had to have a month and have money initially and then he dropped the term whole selling and then from that boy, my name is You know, I typed it in YouTube and and I found max Maxwell and from that point I mean, I went to the beginning of his YouTube videos or his channel and I probably watched every video on his channel Became something that was highly addictive You know something that was it blew my mind because it’s not something that you you know that you’d hear all the time You know, it’s almost like I don’t want to say like a kept secret but it you know, it is I’m learning about it I’m just like man How come a lot of my friends don’t talk about this or how come I haven’t heard anyone even you know? You hear people flipping houses? You hear about people having rentals, but you know You don’t you don’t hear a lot of their acquisition strategies that they use to acquire this you always just assume warehouse is expensive So real estate is expensive. Mm-hm, you know and so once I started learning that As a teacher, I’m just like man like I can do this on the side You know and be able to build, you know Not build but be able to start to acquire and also it was, you know, get some deals Absolutely. Well I’m gonna give you the floor here in a second because your story I think is gonna speak to so many people today that It’s all about grit. It’s all about not taking well, maybe take a no for an answer But at the same time not letting it get you down But I think one of the things you just mentioned there is the lack of education Not only just about hole selling which is what your niche is right now, but essentially the entire real estate investing process I don’t know about you But when I tell someone I’m a real estate investor, the number one question I get is. Oh, when did you get your license? And it’s like no, you don’t have to have a license to do this. Like this is the best kept secret in investments. And so Floors yours just walk us through this journey The highs and the lows and the victories I’ll ask you some backup questions these deals that you’ve done, but I just want to hear you hear that story I want everyone to get that story. Okay, so Like I said it started, you know Christmas break I discover You know what the term basically and then from that point I make a joke about it Like my wife probably feels like you know, I neglected her Okay, you know because when you find out about something that you’ve never heard of, you know it’s it’s like I said it’s addictive. You know, why you know, how are people doing this? Why are they doing it, you know? Count you know What’s the difference between a realtor and a and an investor you’re hungry to learn you’re hungry to learn and so, you know they have a term, you know paralysis by analysis and so I could say I was paralyzed probably about you know, at least Three or four weeks maybe even a month, you know, and I downloaded BiggerPockets podcasts Wholesaling Inc max Maxwell’s was the wholesaling wholesaling houses elite Joined his Facebook page is like eighty four thousand members on it and everything that I consumed was real estate investing in wholesale And so from that I said January 1st it I was going to start going because I didn’t want to get paralysis by analysis I wanted to get out there and just fail forward, you know, and Started making started driving for dollars because that was the one thing that I can afford And yeah income was running low Income was low, you know and I’m it’s something that I believe in it You know, my wife is my biggest support system and you know, but when money is not coming in, you know, you know So there’s tension there Well, I would assume too with you not even because you’re doing this after school. She probably seen you last – yeah, yeah, so When I finished coaching football and like, you know November you November ish, you know Then I fall into this So I’ve not only have I been gone essentially every day for you know, six months, you know with football culture varsity football So, you know the hours the hours with that and just you know, the dedication for that I also teach also coach Softball and baseball at the junior high so you talk about I will work all day go to practice You know in junior high we do for about an hour and a half So I’ll do that for you know from 3:00 to 4:30 5 o’clock Go back to my classroom open up my screen and just our hammer out phone calls about 7 o’clock Ok, how about 7:30? We’ve got 2 kids, you know, so it’s one of those, you know, it takes it takes sacrifice You know But it was something that I that I believed in I’ve seen too many people be successful Doing it and I just told myself, you know what it’s gonna cost some attention to my marriage and you know My kids aren’t gonna be able to see me as much as they they would like and I was like, you know But but it’s ultimately For my family and I know if I put in the time and I really just you know dedicated myself to something eventually, you know, it’ll be fruitful and Took me four months for it to become fruitful But you know, I dropped about it and I continued you know, one of my struggles was you know How do you convince somebody that something is real, you know when you’re still trying to convince yourself? I brought it up at some of our real estate meeting meetups and we’ve had I mentioned it to Jason, you know It was when questions asked. How do you how do you How do you have faith you have faith how do you stay motivated How do you you know keep your marriage in a sense, you know still thriving when you you know working towards something That hasn’t been fruitful and it was the biggest thing was just being consistent and just having faith that it’s gonna happen, man And I did it. Hey fearless flipping community. Let’s hear from one of our sponsors right now Have you thought about becoming a real estate investor? But you have no money Or maybe you just don’t feel like you have the right guidance the right system or maybe the right plan Well, the Phenom investor blueprint course is your answer developed by seven figure earner Matt Garabedian and a good friend of mine Matt uses his 10 plus years of real estate investing knowledge to teach you how to get involved with real estate investing without spending a dime Matt’s wholesaling techniques will work for any market at any time So if you want to make six figures seven figures or more. Yeah, that’s right. It’s possible It’s time to invest in yourself Check out the Phenom Investor blueprint at Phil’s flipping calm Ford phenom Again, that spheres flipping calm slash phenom. This is your first step to financial freedom fearless flipping dot-com phenom So before we talk about that first deal because it’s it’s amazing to see you know, what what you’ve been able to accomplish now It’s getting some momentum going before we get to that. You know, that first check comes in. What was your wife’s reaction? Still wasn’t convinced. No, she was convicted, but she wasn’t, you know, it was one of those were like wow You know same same thing Like I feel you know, it’s like it’s real so it makes it a lot easier when I’m like, you know, hey I’m you know, i’ma go lock myself in this room and make some phone calls for a couple hours It’s like well, if you don’t keep producing checks like that don’t make those phone calls, you know, that’s awesome Yeah, because that would be what I would think would happen is that your check comes in? It’s like okay Sigh of relief. Yeah, let’s go on and get the next one You know and so is is your goal eventually? It sounds like with teaching and coaching and everything that it is a lot on your plate Do you want to keep that on your plate? You see this being still part-time? Where are you going with it? I love coaching You know, obviously I do plan on eventually get out of the classroom It’s it’s something that’s still so new to me it’s a hobby but it’s it’s almost it generates so much You know, how much can you how long can you keep it a hobby? yeah, you know when you start making more and essentially doing this and you do say, you know a regular nine-to-five job or It’s something my wife is a she’s in school right now. She’s finishing up her degree She’s a business major. And so ultimately I do want to scale it I’m trying to learn as much as I can and experience as much as I can so then I can Eventually pass that and let my wife kind of manage it. I still want to be a part of it But like I said, I went to school to be a cop you know, and so that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and this is gonna allow me the option to Do something that I’ve always wanted to do but not be dependent on the income of it. Absolutely So yeah, I’m gonna be able to do both man. That’s awesome well it sounds like you and your wife have got a Little bit of an idea of being a team together in this eventually – yeah, of course I mean just like a marriage marriage you got to be a team and You know, it took me putting in the work to really show her what’s possible, you know Because it’s something that I fell upon that and I necessarily heard, you know and so her being able to see the process of it and see the excitement that I get, you know when a lead comes in or Get to schedule an appointment or get to go to escrow and pick up a check, you know those are things that’s kind of eventually that pulls her along and I think once she sees how Important it is to me it you know, it becomes important to your part or it should be Awesome. So you talked about it took four months to pay off. She’s what happened at the four month mark talk about that first deal Okay, so my first deal was a duplex crazy I’ll give you chase single families. Yeah And so it was a duplex. It was a guy that was a property that I found driving for dollars in January. I Reached out to him and then the guy was just like, you know No, I’m not interested in selling. You know, I want to 24 and I’m like, oh, you know what? That’s how okay Well, you know, they’ve got a number I got a number right now. I mean, let me call you back Let me look at some of those run some of the comps in the area and I found out that you know After its rehabs, you know, you get about two 200, you know 205 for it So I called him back and told him, you know, I couldn’t do it. It was it was too high But I told him if he ever decided if he ever changed his mind Give me a call back and that’s something that you always want to do because he’s so no one else things are gonna come back February he contacted me again. It was like, you know, hey Would you would you would you do 175? And so I mean that’s a massive drop Yeah, but I’m like that still I still have to meet about thirty thirty five thousand dollars for rehab And I’m like, so I was excited because I’m like man he’s coming down on this price Maybe I can get him lower. But you know, he was like, you know what I have my primary residence that I’m currently renovating so this isn’t really number-one priority for me and I always tell people like I’m not in a business to convince you to sell your house I’m in a business to help you find the right move for you Hmm, you know my job isn’t to convince you because if I have to convince you there’s really no motivation there Um, yes, so didn’t sell then And then in march towards the end of March he contacted me and said, okay, I’m ready to sell. I got 135 Wow, so at this point, you know, I’m on the couch, you know, I haven’t had a deal so I mean I’m like, well, he’s closer to the number that I want, you know, you know, so I’m like, you know Let me set this appointment You know, I was gonna schedule it for Monday and we have a big-time investor here, you know Alan Folio. Mm-hmm I mean He told me that he was gonna my seller He told me that he was gonna meet with lo one of his employees one of Alan’s employees, uh, Kobe on Sunday And so I’m thinking well if he meets with Alan, you know, is this deals gonna be done? You know, and so I knew that I had a buyer at 135 so I knew I had to lock it up about 1:30 So I can you know make about 5,000 off of it. So I went to the appointment on Saturday We did walk through Looked at it it was kind of just like, you know tourist again I’m like, okay with a window, you know, you start point out things. It’s gonna cost money the high ticket items, you know Your prices are like where you are. So I’m like they were in the same ballpark You know, would you be able to do 127 You know because I knew I wanted to get him to 130 and I knew he would counter Yeah, you know it so he goes would you do 129 five? Bingo, you know, I need to go mad 130. So I said for sugar walked away Contacted my buyer Wrote an assignment right? Well an assignment cuz when we lock the houses up under a purchase contract Obviously that gives you equitable interests and then that allows me to assign my interests to an end buyer And so that’s what I did for 135,000 Opened up escrow and then my buyer one of my good friends bearing weight is a realtor for Keller Williams here plug It isn’t enough to be here he didn’t have to be here at the plug And so then what happened is he actually had someone he has his own team strive real estate. That’s under the brokerage keller williams so one of his employees under you know and his little strive team had a Had a buyer who had a 1031 exchange and they needed to you know, use the funds, you know, so get taxed on it, basically and so Yeah, he offered us 150 for it Okay, so we you know Here we go. Assign it out here I go assign it to Darren from 135 and then he has a guy just out of nowhere that’s that’s what’s great about real estate man is because It’s all about who you know and who you’ve touched basis with and everyone doing what you do So it was a guy out of left field coming up. I’ll give you 135 for it I got to spend this money and we’re looking at each other like well Might as well So we were able to sign it for twenty thousand and we split it, you know tanning tan. Wow, that’s amazing so I I want to go over that really quick again because There’s so much. I think that can be learned from what you just shared there But the first green light was you got the number. Yeah that that was the Ute Like you said you got that that feeling like oh man. I got a number a Lot of people though, I think would have given up at that point when you said when you said hey I can’t do it. It was just too high of a number I don’t think a lot of people would have said hey, you know, but here’s my number Can I follow up with you? Or you know, please give me a call if something changes? I think they would have just put it in the in the trash. So the Lesson there don’t matter F follow its follow absolutely the money’s in the follow up. Yep in it That’s a perfect example that first deal was one that like you said I could have just left it alone I got a no powdered about it, you know, but real estate man You gotta be persistent you had to be persistent and consistent and that follow up led to a twenty thousand dollar profit Yeah, you split it with Darren. Well, shoot ten thousand dollars made up for a four month Absolutely put a smile on your wife’s face and Here’s the one I want to stay stay on really quick Here’s negotiation because if I’m sitting here and I’m listening or watching this on YouTube And I’m thinking man. I don’t have any sales experience a honey negotiate an experience Can you kind of speak to them maybe that fear was that something that was a fear for you? Um No, okay, because when you speak with these sellers on the biggest thing like I said I can’t convince you to sell your home, you know, and I’m also not here You can’t think of it as as a sales pitch. It’s not a sales pitch, you know, we’re in this obviously I’m in this to make you know, some type of money, you know I’m offering you convenience my time and convenience Or else you could go list it you know and get the biggest bang for your buck and I tell them that I give them That option. I’m not I’m here to help you in the situation that you’re in Find the best exit for that and if that’s you know dealing with me, I’m more than more than happy to help you So, you know you once they give you your their price and you you know, you know, you do your research, you know You find out what’s the most that you can pay for something? You know and you just be completely Transparent about that you you let them know like this is what I need to know there for it to be a deal You know, I understand that it is worth this, you know, and if that’s what you want, you know, I know realtor’s it You know, I know some great realtors in town, you know, I can I can refer you to them You know, you don’t ever want to seem like I need your deal even even though at that time I didn’t need a deal but you know I think I think that’s the biggest thing with this is when you’re genuine and and you treat people, you know You help them solve their problems. You just happen to benefit sometimes out of it Um, so I think the mindset shift there the respective switches not necessarily negotiation in sales It’s letting them know Hey I’m not trying to convince you and it’s having that helpful Mindset and being completely transparent and if you do all those things at that point, you’re really not negotiating. You’re just helping them Yeah, you’re helping them because the biggest thing is when you’re speaking with them You want to find out what we call it a pain point you want to find out why are they even considering to sale? If they’re if they’re just thinking about selling because they won’t you know, they want to you know, make the money out of it Well, yeah go list it you know, this guy happened. I think it married recently and he’s pulled money out of his uh, Retirement and he needed to replace that money, you know, so if I said so from that point on my boom, okay He pulled money out. I need to find out what he spent on that Right because at that point he’s thinking about selling to recoup the money that he spent So that may be an um that our target if I found out it was $30,000 that he spent on this wedding Well, it’s like okay. Well I can give you 30,000 for it. Yeah, maybe 35,000 for it I think you just said it on the on the head I think that’s probably the toughest part about this business is finding that Motivated seller you find the motivated seller. You can do a lot with them. Yeah It’s it’s the same thing if you sell You know water and you you say you go to Whole Foods or something and you try to sell that water There’s not a sense of urgency, but you go to the end of a marathon finish line and try to sell that water Well now you’re in front of the audience. You got the motivated person in front of you. Yeah Yeah, so a lot of people would say, you know, oh, well, it’s a scam or you’re ripping people off Well people feel that way because they think it’s all about money You know in in people sell their homes, it’s not it’s not always about money. It’s a baby They have a problem if you can solve a problem for that for them They’ll take care of you. Absolutely, you know, like you said with the water, you know I’ve been to a nightclub where I’ve spent the $11 on a rail But I wanted a Red Bull so I got me they know they solved my problem at that time It cost me more but it was convenient for me. Absolutely. I like that one, too. All right, so Let’s talk about the second deal. You’re in escrow right now. Sounds like you’re gonna make another 10,000 is what you’re guessing How did this one come about this one was a facebook ad? This was this was one I had The daughter of a seller reach out to me Her parent her but her father currently lives with her at her husband Parents moved out of the house, I guess mom. I think I believe that’s that’s sick or Something occurred with the family. I can’t remember it off the top of my head But I just know the parents moved out of their primary residence Into the daughters home to help her with her children because I think her and her husband worked a line So he just worked at that moment Mom passed away throughout that process And dad pretty much never wanted to go back to that home again So that was a pain point for him. He didn’t want to be there. I Found out that there was a relative living in it the last three years And if you let these sellers talk They’ll air it all out there and that’s the biggest thing you got in little questions to ask To get you know Some of this stuff out and so as they came out there was a relative living in a home who hadn’t paid for the three Years that they live there Well paint point. You’re not making no money in the house isn’t you know, there’s still a mortgage on a house? So you’re paying for a house that you’re not even staying in? Yeah, it’s sympathizing with their situation their solution Yeah, you don’t understand that. I mean, I’d feel the same way. I need get some money out of this house Yeah, how much did that Facebook add Kashia? It was frequent. It’s free free It took me so he cost me some time starting. I’ll never get back. Okay? how did you get a free Facebook ad I got a Facebook. He’s a mother place. I used the little groups Wow buy sell trade groups Wow cuz think about it there’s even one that uh I debated back and forth whether I was gonna post it in – it was like a cars it was like a car car group and I was like Talking about houses. Yeah, but I might think about if someone is possibly selling the car Probably looking for some money Right. So yeah, I’m you know, I’m just throwing it I’m casting my wheel into the dark. Well, it’s free All I need is one person that you have to contact me out of there That’s that’s so awesome because I think one of the big things too is there’s so many different ways to Advertise and real estate investing that costs a lot of money Direct Mail, you know, whether it’s money or time You’re gonna spend it somewhere but with no budget or a low budget Facebook Ads knocking on doors making cold calls These are ways that are either cheap or free that Like what you’re doing if you’ve got grit sometimes that’s a little bit more valuable than the money you got in the bank. No That’s what’s gonna get you money in your bank. I like it. Yeah, I like it. So at what point? Or has there been the point yet that you’re like, hey, I’m doing this. I’m I’m a success. Um It’s funny because like I said one bill close one in escrow right now Let me do that. I’m still relatively new but it’s funny because you’ll have people reach out to you like as if you just done done so many deals, but I Had to reflect on it and think about it took me four months to get that deal, you know when during those four months I would have reached out to someone with one deal right, because that they’ve essentially you’ve you’ve gotten over that hump that hump that that initial hump is not is the toughest and when you Get over that hump. You just got to find a way duplicating, you know, but getting over that hump isn’t necessarily finding the deal It’s finding it’s finding the persistence. It’s finding the attitude. You know, it’s finding just the faith to keep going So when you see someone who’s actually done what you’re trying to do, you know, that’s something that you’re gonna reach out to it So I’ve had so many people reach out to me just to ask, you know not what’s the secret but just how you know How’d you do it? You know, what’s the story? You know, what did you look at? What did you watch and I tell them you that you got to become obsessed with it? And that’s with anything. If you’re gonna be successful with something, you gotta be you got to be obsessed with it, I think to your story Compared let’s just compare you to another Mike Michaels uber. You know, he’s got 180 Rental properties, but dude, I’m looking at your story and I’m like man, I I can do it You’re to me you’re more inspirational than what Michaels uber is and I love what Michaels ubers doing I’ve got guys I’ve interviewed on Miami’s amazing. I want to be worse almost overwhelming this. Yes He’s climb Mount Everest and I’m over here trying to climb the ant hill like oh I need to claim climb that ant hill before I can even think about Everest and that’s exactly where you’re at So, I mean you’re you’re inspiring. I think a lot of people just by sharing the story. So thank you for doing that And the last question I just want to ask here is you you hinted at it But can you dive a little bit deeper into why you’re doing this? It sounded like family was a big reason family was a big reason man. I think I think I spend I think like I said being a teacher being a coach I Spent a lot of time away from home and so when you hear of something that’s not only gonna allow you to spend more time at home, you know, because Max Maxwell even says he says time is the one thing you can’t buy back And so when you find something that allows you to do that But also allows you to leave a legacy for your children, you know Why not? you know and I’m happy man. I’m happy. I feel like I got a lot of time to talk to like-minded people Just this thing’s been it’s been a breath of fresh air. And I think anyone who’s obviously thinking of Who doesn’t even want to be where they are Maybe you know we get so content on on doing what we do every day and sense of going to work coming home exhausted trying to find time for your family and Making everything stretch You know, that’s that’s not a healthy lifestyle. Yeah, you know, but we could become content with it So if you have something in mind, it’s gonna allow you the freedom to be able to enjoy life I think a little bit more because we don’t get a lot of years here on you know here on earth. And so when you find something that allows you to Cash in on your time. I mean, I think I think can you chase it? That’s amazing. Cool Well, thank you so much for sharing your story. Of course people are gonna want to connect with you So I want to ask where are you comfortable with people connecting with you? Okay, so I have my Instagram. Mm-hmm. I try to try to post content on there as much as I can That’s something that’s still kind of new to me. You know, I always have social media but But it’s at Butler. Dye buys Houses on Instagram if you want to shoot me a text message or you know, give me a call and you know You got some questions for me that you maybe don’t feel comfortable with pin it on social media They can call it takes me at five five nine three six six two nine Three six. Okay. So for our listeners, I’m gonna repeat that for our friends on YouTube You can just go down to the description below. All that information will be there, but on Instagram, it’s Butler dot buys dot houses We record and then your phone number is five five nine three six six two nine three six All right, any last words for our viewers? Oh, man. Thank you for having me in Like I said, I don’t feel like I’ve made it anywhere, but you’ve definitely made me feel that way So I definitely appreciate it. You’ve realized me a little bit I appreciate you you have you have Michael Butler used to have fear and now he’s on the road to being fearless? Go out there be like Mike leverage your time find ways to Figure out your budget. I mean that’s not I’m one thing to take away that I have for This is that Michael didn’t have this huge budget for direct mail for a lot of bandit signs He went out there and he just found in pavement found low budget ways whether it was Spending money for gas for driving for dollars or finding some you know Cold call lists that were super cheap that he could use his time to go into The that was what worked for him So fine what works for you get over that fear Of what’s going to happen? What might happen or what if I don’t get a deal it took him four months like that is a long time So anyway before I get off into another tangent here the show notes are Phil’s flippin Calm Ford Mike Butler again feels flippin calm Ford Mike Butler learn from him follow him on social media Butler buys homes But this guy is one person that you definitely want to follow the progress of that’s it for Feliz flippin go out there Conquer real estate investing. We will see you next time You

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