2 Week K-Pop Dance Progress (Twice – Fancy)

ok here go~ Already you can see that in the ‘before’ clip that I’m going way too fast Almost fell over in the ‘before’ clip omg I have a lot more strength in the ‘after’ clip. I think it’s because I practiced a lot tbh. I was attempting to remember Momo’s part in the ‘after’ clip, I clearly wasn’t successful 😂 I practiced this dance so much to the point that I still have neck pain from the hair flip 🙁 Omg what are my hands doing in the ‘before’ video?? 😖 why am I so ‘wobbly’ in the ‘before’ video??? :’)

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  1. I like how you’ve been learning this for two weeks and you still don’t look like your having seizures every time you dance 🙂 (Unlike moi )

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