100% Effective Hair Regrowth Solution It Work Wonders

Hi family, welcome or welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is Selina Zinchuk My channel is about diy, natural hair and beauty if that’s something that interests you Come on and join the family In today’s video. We are going to be making an all natural aloe vera gel That I will be using as a mask on my daughter’s hair I have a lot of Aloe vera plants around my house. I normally use it on our hair and my skin I pick a lot of this because I will be making my all natural aloe vera face wash And one of my subscribers also Recommend that I make a Aloe Vera growth oil so I will be using this also to make a growth oil out of it And I will also be using it to make a hair mask for my daughter today So if you would love to see how I make my own natural aloe vera gel hair mask then keep on watching As you can see aloe vera have a very prickly sharp ends So I normally cut that off first before doing anything with the plant Because I don’t want to hurt myself. So I will suggest that you do the same so that you cannot hurt yourself After that, I will cut my aloe vera in smaller pieces for me to be able to extract the gel out When I’m done getting rid of the sharp ends on the aloe vera I just cut it into a piece that I feel will be easy for me to take the gel out And then I will divide that piece into two Extracting your gel out is very important so that you don’t waste anything Everyone has their way of extracting their aloe vera gel out so this is the way that I preferred if You are happy with the way you extract your gel then that’s fine But I feel this way work best for me. And with this method I am not going to waste any of the gel So I would just take my hand and press on it and Use a spoon and rake all the gel out After I would turn it around and do the same to the other section Before I discovered this method I just used to hold it And extract the gel and that will be very difficult for me because this plant is very very slippery It’s very difficult for you to hold it in your hands and extract your gel out So I feel this way is very easy, and it makes me to get rid of all the gel that I need So this is all my aloe vera gel That I extract from the plants So in order for me not to get any aloe vera Chunks on my hair or my daughter hair I normally blend mine I’m just adding in about half cup of aloe vera juice you can use regular water You don’t have to use aloe vera juice but nowadays, I love to use aloe vera juice in my DIYs And then I’m just going to blend that for about 45 seconds or 1minute This is a stocking that I’m going to use, I bought this from Amazon. It was very cheap. I would recommend you use a clean stocking just for hygienic method And then I will pour it into it and just squeeze all my gel out When I do it this way I wouldn’t have any residue on my daughter hair and my hair after I would transfer it into a bottle And there when I’m going to add in my s secrets growth oil Because it is my daughter hair. I use only the s secrets growth oil on her hair because she’s a kid After that I would just close it and give it a very very good shake And now your aloe vera gel is ready to be used. I always applied my aloe vera gel on clean hair and clean scalp So that it can be able to penetrate My hair shaft or my daughter hair shaft properly Because if your hair is dirty, and there’s a lot of bill ups It’s gonna be very difficult for it to absorb into your hair follicles So I normally shampoo her hair or my hair first before applying this to our scalp and our hair And If you are wondering I use my DIY home Shampoo, I will leave that video down in the description box for you Aloe vera can be used both on your skin your hair it can also be used for weight loss Aloe vera is one of the oldest plants known to provide many amazing benefits For your skin your health and weight loss Aloe vera is rich in vitamin C and E Keeping your skin young and happy Various studies prove that aloe vera is quite effective for weight loss Aloe vera keeps your hair hydrated and moisturize aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp it also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny It promotes hair growth prevents itching on the scalp reduces dandruff and conditions your hair Aloe vera has a chemical makeup similar to that of keratin Keratin is the primary protein of our hair it consists of amino acids Oxygen, carbon and small amounts of hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur this plant rejuvenates the hair Giving it more elasticity and preventing breakage Which leads to longer hair After I am done applying the Aloe vera mixture to her hair I will massage her scalp very good for about three to five minutes And then I will wrap her hair up And allow her to sit under the steamer for 15 minutes after I just rinsed that out and proceed to styling her hair but if you have a hair texture like mine After I apply this I sit under the steamer for 15 minutes and then I apply my deep condition over it And sit under the steamer again for another 15 minutes and then I just leave it on my hair for how long I want it after I would just rinse it out And proceed to styling my hair Being that she have a looser texture this treatment make her hair very very soft So there is no need for me to go in with a deep condition treatment Okay family, so this is all the video for today if you loved it, can you please give me a like Do not forget to leave a comment down below and let me know what other videos you love to see on my channel Or what other products you will love me to try and I will do that for you guys because I want to start experimenting on other products on my channel and Subscribe, I will see you in my next video

24 Replies to “100% Effective Hair Regrowth Solution It Work Wonders”

  1. Hey fam πŸ€— I love this and your daughter is too cute swinging her hair. 😁😍 My neighbor has aloe vera plants, so I'm going to ask her for a couple. I've heard so many good things about aloe vera plants. I'm glad you did this video. ❀ Hope you have a Blessed Week πŸ™‡πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ’œ

  2. Tyf sharing…we have lots of snow so I have to buy my aloe Vera plant from market…I am still loving the black rice oil tho😁❀🌸🌷🌺

  3. I have to try this method..usually I just rub the cut open plant on my hair strands in sections and hope for no residueπŸ˜‚

  4. Hi Selina I am so happy you made this video. I always have chunks in my hair with this method that problem is now solve

  5. Hello, I have thinning spots. Do you think the Aloe Vera leaf will help with the thinning? I would like to know if it will do more harm to my thinning areas if I leave the Aloe Vera on my scalp.

  6. Hi sis thanks for sharing. Please the steamer do you use dryer on use or you plug direct to light cause want to buy one but it says to use on a dryer

  7. Thanks for another great informative diy video! My hair texture is similar to your daughter 😍 I really need to start doing this with my hair, but having wavy/curly tailbone length hair is a lot to do by yourself, so I plan my wash days 😁 and the plant seems to be more effective but requires more steps. Buying it in a bottle for me didn't work for my face, but it was awesome for my hair! Getting anything straight from the source is always better. Much πŸ’š from the US!

  8. Hi Selina, I love using fresh aloe in my hair and on my skin & I like how you extracted it. I love that aloe vera juice. I use to drink a shot of it every morning…I need to buy more. LOL. I didn't know aloe was similar to keratin but it is truly amazing!!! Sonia's hair is sooooo beautiful and it is super long! FW and I would love to hear what you think about the Melanin products and Taraji P Hensen.

  9. Always enjoy your diy's I'd like you to make a hair grease using Jamaica black castor oil thank you😘 BTW your daughter hair looks healthyπŸ‘

  10. I need to get back to using fresh Aloe Vera gel. I do use aloe vera juice on my hair and my skin. I even drink it on occasion.

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