10 More Amazing Facts You Never Knew about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

[Upbeat music playing] If you like Willy Wonka
and the Chocolate Factory, then stick around because you’re about to discover 10 more
amazing facts you never knew about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. [Film clapper sound, music continues] Gene Wilder beat out a few famous names for his iconic role. According to People.com, Fred Astaire, Peter
Sellers, and all six members of Monty Python reportedly expressed interest in playing Willy
Wonka. Roald Dahl even tried to get his friend and
comedian Spike Milligan, to play the part, but the studio wasn’t interested in anyone
else besides Gene Wilder. If you ever wondered how Wonka’s cane got
stuck in the ground, it was a piece of styrofoam that was laid on top of the flooring. Sammy Davis Jr. fought for a role in the film. The Rat Pack actor wanted to play the candy man, but the producers reportedly didn’t like the idea because they felt that the presence
of a big star in the scene would’ve been distracting. But even though Sammy Davis Jr. wasn’t cast
in the movie, he went on to record his own version of “The Candy Man” that became
a staple of his stage shows, and the record eventually became his only No. 1 Billboard
Hot 100 hit. A girl got hit in the head in the candy store. While Bill, the Candy Man, is singing his song you can spot a girl on the right side of the screen who has some bad luck and got hit in the chin just as the shopkeeper was lifting up the counter. Julie Dawn Cole reportedly cut her knee when she smashed a watermelon-sized chocolate egg on a rock, and if you look closely you can see that her left stocking is bloody from the accident. It is said that Gene Wilder spoke with a perfect
German accent when he introduced the Inventing Room, and the translation of what he said is, “Ladies and gentlemen, please give me your attention. You now come into the most interesting room of my factory, the most secret room at the same time. Ladies and gentlemen, the ‘Inventing Room’.” Mike Teevee actually was the worst kid. In the film’s audio commentary, Gene Wilder said that actor Paris Themmen was the worst of the child actors to work with, and Themmen admitted to it himself in a 2015 Reddit AMA. The Oompa Loompa’s were a bunch of pranksters. Paris Themmen also said in the Reddit AMA
that it was common in the ‘70s to leave shoes outside of a hotel room door if you
wanted them shined, and one night the Oompa Loompas grabbed all the shoes, tied all the laces together, and left them in a pile for everyone to find in the morning. The final line of the movie was changed at
the last minute. The movie almost ended with Grandpa Joe saying’, Yippie!” and the director Mel Stuart stopped filming to have it changed to save the picture. But the problem was the film’s uncredited
screenwriter, David Seltzer, was already on vacation. So Stuart made an international phone call
to tell Seltzer the situation and to get a new line from him right away, and the best idea the writer could come up with on the spot was about living happily ever after. Luckily Mel Stuart loved it, hung up the phone,
and told the line to Gene Wilder to get the better ending he wanted for the movie. This film is Peter Ostrum’s only role, and he used his earnings to become a veterinarian. And except for Julie Dawn Cole, who went on
to star in soap operas, all the rest of the child actors abandoned their film careers too. Did you all know there’s a cartoon movie of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” with Tom and Jerry? Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen it. Click a video on the screen to discover more
behind the scenes facts about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to keep learning more fun facts about your favorite films.

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  1. Two amazing facts:
    Two of the director, Mel Stuart's, children make cameos in the film.
    – His daughter, Madeline, plays the girl who answers the math question to the teacher with, "About a hundred".
    – His son, Peter, plays the boy in the candy shop and the boy who first announces the factory's opening at school.
    Also, it was Madeline who first came up with the idea of making "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" into a movie. She LOVED the original book so much that she persuaded her father into making it into a movie.

  2. Let's be real Sammy Davis Jr not being cast as the candy man had nothing to do with him being a "big star" if anything that would draw more attention to the film 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. I remember watching this movie on 📼, when I was a kid. But now, I have this movie on 📀. Anyway, that’s the last time I ever saw Tom and Jerry crossover since 2017.

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  5. I know this is gonna sound really strange, but I have never been able to watch a Willy Wanca movie all the way through. Not because I chose not to, but because every time I have tried I always end up getting sick halfway through the movie. Sure, it could all just be some weird coincidence but I started to think otherwise after trying to watch it three times later with the same results. It’s been six years since I’ve tried watching them but in all honesty I’m a little scared to try.

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