9 Replies to “📈📉 Investment Loan vs Consumer Loan | What's the difference?”

  1. Loaning money for consumption is clearly a bad idea. Then why are there still companies offering consumer loans? How can they sustain a business model?

  2. On the contrary, I believe that the consumer loan is a much safer investment (for the lender). Assuming that Paul has a stable job for many years, his future cashflows are very predictable. True, he has a spending problem but this might very well translate into a more profitable payout for Jack due to the magic of compound interest. An investment loan, on the other hand, comes with much higher risk of the business failing as well as the additional headache of the due diligence needed to be done for the specific business.

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  4. your videos are very informative and in good format. please make more on investment, budgeting and share market

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